best cheap motherboard for gaming

best cheap motherboard for gaming

Best cheap motherboard for gaming

The search for a motherboard with good capabilities without defects and at the same time with a cheap price is difficult. You must pay money to get what you want or ignore many of the advantages that you will lose if you buy a cheap motherboard, and this often leads to not running games well or You may run low quality games.

MSI has made some improvements to many of the technologies that it produces, in addition to improving the quality of workmanship, the cooling system and the distribution of electrolytic capacitors in a unique way that made it compete with the strongest companies in this field.

And not only that, but some computer boards came at affordable and cheap prices to serve a large group of game enthusiasts, which amazed everyone with the great capabilities that included AMD boards for this purpose, and we will focus on a product worth buying from MSI without thinking, which is MSI X470 board.


Why Should I buy MSI X470?

If we mention most of the prices of game boards, we will find that many of them are worth $200 and above, and perhaps not everyone can buy them because some of us only want to run modern games on the highest settings without overclocking due to lack of experience in that matter.

MSI has offered the best cheap motherboard for gaming at a price not exceeding $90, and this is really a great opportunity for anyone who wants a professional motherboard capable of running most games perfectly.

Another thing about the MSI x470 motherboard is the awesome quality that is equipped with a solid, multi-layered and well-insulated PCB in addition to heatsinks that maintain the heat of each processor power supply, which highlights this motherboard without any doubt.


MSI Performance Gaming Motherboard AMD X470

If we look at MSI X470 motherboard we will find that most of its parts are professionally designed as at a cheap price and you will get multiple power stages with high performance cooling and it is a really nice thing to get a board that supports the operation of High End CPU’s from AMD.By purchasing this board and when you do Unboxing you will find some accessories that will really benefit you  but be aware to dispose of them and keep them for future need.

MSI x470 contains a DVD driver and some small books that guide you on how to install and install in your computer in addition to SATA connections and an IO shield board to be installed in your computer.

You will also get m2 screws to help you install the board properly and in terms of design you have the MSI black PCB woofer on the right side of the board to provide cooling for both PCI Express slots and some of the capacitors that run the south bridge on the board.

Considering the VRM Heat Spreaders it is of a size that is neither too big nor too small as MSI has placed it in a way that suits VRM Phases also you will get RGB with a power of 12V with nice and beautiful colors and movements that you can change and choose what is suitable for you through the MSI App Manager that you will install on your operating system.

MSI AMD X470 was launched on September 2019 and is for AM4 socket, meaning it supports the second and third generation Ryzen processors and this motherboard is one of the cheapest gaming motherboards and has won many love and praise for gamers.


CPU support 1st 2nd and 3d AMD Generation Chipset AMD X470 Chip
Memory Dual Memory 4 Slot/ 64gig with 3466 MHz DDR4 Graphics Amd Vega 3 Graphics
Multi GPU Compatible with AMD VGA’s Slots 3 x PCI-E x1
Storage 2:x M:2, 6 multi times SATA reach 6Gb/s
See Full Specification about X470


  • Durable PCIe.
  • USB 3.2 1st Generation.
  • High quality of audio with 6 Separated Channels.
  • Cheap Price.
  • best cheap motherboard for gaming


  • x470 doesn’t support high range of overclock.
  • No Built-in WIFI card.


More improvements

In terms of electricity the MSI x470 motherboard supports a main power supply of up to 24 Pin and another secondary provider of up to 8 Pin As for the RAM, this motherboard supports 64 GB DDR4 with a very acceptable overclock of up to 3466 MHz per second.

This motherboard is compatible with 3 way crossfire which in turn enables AMD VGA cards to work with all its features unlike NVIDIA, which will work for you on this motherboard, but will not get the required performance and the reason for this is that this motherboard does not support SLI technology.

The biggest advantage you will get when you buy this motherboard is the support for 2 PCI Express, which will probably enable you to install two graphics processors to allow you to install two VGA modules at the same time and choose one of them while playing.

Only at a cheap price from MSI you will get the MSI x470 motherboard with Steel armor in the PCIe port, which will provide you with better durability than before when installing and uninstalling your VGA cards due to poor installation of some to damage these ports.

MSI has been very keen to support its x470 motherboard with features and advantages that you may not find in any other product at the same price, and I assure you you will find these advantages only in motherboards whose price exceeds $300.


Popularity of AMD processors

AMD has gained wide fame in the field of computers, and despite the occurrence of many technical problems in its processors and boards before 2010, it has fixed many of these technical problems very quickly after it swept the US markets in the processor market, where it provided the following:

  • Reducing the prices of processors.
  • Adding Vega display cards that compete with Intel Iris.
  • Stable performance while Overclocking and maintaining optimum temperature.
  • Single socket support for a large number of processors has standardized the processor socket to work on most motherboards.
  • Many companies supported it, such as MSI, which adopted the construction of processor boards and display cards in a different and advanced way.

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