3080 dell desktop micro : full specs

We talked previously about Dell tower pc’s and how this pc can save a lot of money when you owns it , and it’s good idea today to focus on 3080 dell desktop and why this pc will catch the markets for a money years with its small size and its numerous specification so let’s […]

dell tower 7020 : full specs

Looking for good PC is a matter that keeps your eyes on daily update in technologies , and even if you have good vision in your business but it’s good idea also to have intuitive thinking and future planning for what you are going to have tommorow and why. Many of people goes untill extreme […]

mini pc beelink sei8 : full specs & review

We explained in other articles how mini pc’s becames the best way to grow your business by providing minisforum UM250 as a best solution for this porpose , But today we are seeing intel try to catch customers in the markets by producting mini pc beelink sei8 with good specs. You will need at least […]

fortigate-101f : full specs

fortigate-101f : full specs Everyone in these periods is migrating from a local network to a cloud network in order to achieve high levels of security and preserve data from loss. Many of us are unaware that cloud servers pass through multiple protection domains through firewall devices in order to keep your raw materials working […]

Skytech Chronos with GTX 1660 : full specs

Many of us dream of owning a gaming computer like Skytech Chronos, or at least a computer that is able to leave you a beautiful day in using it, and gaming addiction is an endless story that is increasing day by day. I have a dream island for everyone who aspires to run the most […]