alarco gtx 650 gaming pc : full specs

Having a good pc depends on how can use it correctly and why should you buy it , even if you decided to buy alarco gtx 650 you first should know about this griedents that give you trust with these product unlike when you buy every piece seperately then start combine its parts.

But suppose that if you want to buy gaming pc that requires expensive of dollars , you may not be able to take this step at all because it is big budget and didn’t fit many of people , to exeed this obstacle you can have an medium performance of pc but still supports the games for many upcoming years , and that what we will get by doing our alarco gtx 650 buying deal.

The good question before you buying cheap pc such alarco gtx 650 is ,  does this pc support Directx12 ? , and in shortest yes it does support this version of directx which all of new games has been built upon this technology , the main obstacle faces people is why new versions of Nvidia are very expensive and that is unfair , and simply Nvidia didn’t have any of competetives on market and that apeared suddenly when AMD retreated in GPU cards and the reason is drivers issue and malfunctions or you could say AMD is redirect its efforts for cpu manufactoring.

Welcome to mcmom-ents and in this topic we will talk a bit about alarco gtx 650 that good and suitable pc provided for many people and multi purposes , we will talk a breif about why this pc is very famous and why had good reviews on amazon market.


alarco gtx 650 gaming pc

By owning alarco gtx 650 pc you will get 1TB for storage unit that mean every app with big data you can find its place easily inside this pc and don’t compare this pc with any of others becuase its price looks to be free!!.

There is no problem for you by having Core i5 from intel becuase you are talking about 3.1 Ghz and despite it’s an old processor because it is only 2nd generation from intel , but let’s say it has all of technologies that until now intel depends on for all new CPU’s.

You have turbo boost with 32nm , with 2 cores and 4 threads you can reach 21 GB per second bandwidth , this may put this CPU in honor list sometimes!!.

By looking for alarco gtx 650 you will notice there are extra GPU device is placed inside , that refer to start gaming quickly and trustly because you have all abilities to do that.

You will get also 8 GB of ram and we couldn’t say this is the best way for your games , but it upgradable anytime because Core i5 2nd generation can hold up to 16 GB Ram.

This is humble pc but it works because it has good way to create extra parts inside it , In my opinion it is may fit my all needs because I just like doing games even with medium settings.

By owning alarco gtx 650 you can run fortnite with 60 fps on medium settings , and that reflects its performance for other games such far cry or need for speed or any of new and updated games.

alarco gtx 650

alarco gtx 650 is simple gaming PC has been developed by alarco company and released on October 2019 to fit all beginner gamers , and it has NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU cards that able to run All DirectX version up to 12.


If you have a bulk of Assassin Creeds versions you will be amazed from frames that Nvidia GTX 650 can provide for all you needs because it still support Directx12 and older together.

Unlike other versions of GPU cards that give you directx emulator and you get frustrated without running any of new games , This GPU can run all you games as a software and hardware together.

By coming to designing you notice that beautiful and durable material which provided from Alarco , In front of this PC you will notice there are single light RGB line that going from bottom to up with nice and multi colors.

By looking to interior you will find three RGB fans that mean you will see all of colors are change it self randomly and by using remote control you have authority to change these colors and you can even control with fans speed.

What if you get Ready WIFI also ? , by purchasing alarco gtx 650 you will get ready WIFI included inside your main board and that will prevent you to buy any external WIFI adapter in future!!.

No fears about having alarco gtx 650 because it is very cheap pc and this provide for you good result by running old and new games without any mistakes.

What if you decided to use this PC for heavy environment such designing programs ? , you will be amazed by using this good pc for designing and editing and creating contents.

Also it has good bandwidth for streaming purposes because you can start doing your platform such as youtube or game streams or any related field.

We can’t say that pc doesn’t has any cons , it does has many of cons especially when you looking for high performance gaming pc’s but we can say it is good idea to start gradually in gaming pc with a few money before you step forward and buy any of expensive pc’s.

If you decided to buy alarco gtx 650 you will get on 1 Year warranty and you will also have Free windows 10.



  • 1TB HDD.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Activated Win10.
  • Built-in WIFI.
  • 4 stars and good rating.


  • Old CPU Architicture.
  • No SSD device included.



  • There are many alternatives to own graphical PC with cheap prices.
  • Be aware when you overclocking your PC because any bad or over of DC will cause malfunctions.
  • Some people buy pc that provides good temporarry performance before they get step forward and try other expensive Pc’s.
  • All of our products from amazon have at least 3.5 rating.
  • Keep in mind to determine what the purpose of buy new pc to avoid any bad purchasing in future.

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