Best cheap motherboard Exceeded WIN10 Bugs

Best Cheap Motherboard

Getting the best cheap motherboard is possible and the reason for this is that successive generations of Intel and ADM processors need good power supplies in order to enjoy the required performance and this is a continuous development that requires a recommended choice in order for your computer to work for a longer period without any problems.

If you decide to buy a motherboard, you have got 40% of your vision for your future computer as some buy motherboards that may be strong and long lasting but they cannot change them because of determining the fate of their computer forever.

In this article, I will present a motherboard that is popular with fans who support its use, and just my presentation of one of the paintings is a comprehensive review of the product from experts who have used it for at least 8 months and they have the right to evaluate it for everyone who thinks about buying.

Perhaps in each article I am refining some products in order to present a different idea in each novel that directs the buyer to a product that makes him make his decision well before buying, Although I am looking forward to the upcoming treatment board products, I like to talk a lot about MSI for this year because of the advantages it contains that will suffice you.

I haven’t decided what is the best cheap motherboard yet in this article but I will pick a random product and hope you like it a lot.

We are always waiting for the maximum development of processor boards to see where the situation will lead, Perhaps companies such as Intel and AMD knew the magic mixture of developing processors, and every time they updated the architecture easier than before with some minor modifications that incredibly affect performance.


Windows 10 Bugs

Perhaps I have found the solution to most of the problems of Windows 10 which occurred repeatedly with the eleventh generation processors from Intel which caused very slow processing operations and as many articles have put multiple solutions to some functions of Windows 10 which are:

  • Fix slow during startup.
  • Clean registry files like DWORD variables.
  • Optimizing graphics accelerator.

In fact, the procedures to fix these errors were 100% correct and I thank the authors of the articles and content writers because they found sensitive technical solutions in the Windows operating system to deal with the problem.
After researching and investigating the facts I found that Windows 10 works compatible with the ninth and tenth generation processors without any problems but I was confused about my matter regarding the 11th generation Intel processors as I checked all the copies available on the eleventh generation Lenovo devices dell and HP devices and the system problems were You make me ashamed in front of clients.

After a result of unsuccessful attempts I disassembled the processor and installed it on one of the boards that support 11th generation which are unlocked voltage and owned by products such as MSI and Gigabyte, I set the consumption of volts to the lowest possible percentage of the processor, Multiple VRM Phases helped me in the success of the matter and then I returned the board to Default mode.

I found that locked processor boards are the reason for the poor performance of the LGA-1200 due to adjusting the power settings on the 10th generation processors which is very economical for the 11th processors.


MSI H510I PRO WIFI Pro Motherboard

I know that the Intel 11 generation is no longer new and contains many problems and this rumor has spread on the Internet a lot but this is not the end because Intel boards were the problem and if we remove the processor and install it on MSI H510I what will happen? When you talk about a dedicated MSI product for Intel, you are talking about experts who have designed many features and enough power supplies to unleash the 11th generation Intel processors.

MSI H510I board is a mini ITX board with built-in WIFI with two antennas that has good cooling and heatsinks that you don’t find in large boards perhaps when you open the cover of MSI H510I you will find an MSI H510I board with a user guide and with MSI case badge and also you will find 2 SATA Cable and DVD for profiles You will get a consumer warranty card or Registration card.

MSI is distinguished even in the smallest of sizes as it provides all the additional features and advantages for all its products and has a special footprint in manufacturing even on a motherboard that does not exceed 17 square centimeters .

The MSI H510I has two metal heatsinks, one for the VRM capacitors and one for the IO board which provides good cooling for most of the inputs and outputs that pass through this board this motherboard is compatible with Intel LGA 1200 socket processors available to support the all-new Core i5 Core i7 and Core i9 processors and the LGA 1200 architecture is also available for the 10th generation Intel Celeron Pentium, core i3 core i5 corei7 processors corei9 intel cylinder CPU’s and probably the LGA-1200 is the most socket available for a good number of processors.

This is the first feature that you will get when purchasing an MSI H510I motherboard as for the RAM architecture this motherboard provides you with Dual Channel DDR4 RAM of up to 64GB with a transfer rate of up to 3200MHz.

And because the tenth generation is slightly different from the eleventh generation in terms of transmission rates, you will only get DDR4 reaching at its best to 2930 MHz per second In terms of the DC power supply, you will get 8 PIN with a power of 12 volts a speed dedicated to the processor and it will provide the VRM in the appropriate power for the Turbo boost processors when starting at the highest possible speed to provide you with good support for Windows 10 and Windows 11 which has been made many reforms that did not work on a large number of locked panels.

Best cheap motherboard

MSI H510I PRO WIFI was launched on February 2021 It is a Mini ITX board that is small in size and has H510 Chipset for the 10th and 11th generation , by the way This motherboard supports LGA 1200 Socket and provides perfect power supply and It is not intended for overclocking but it is not unlocked and you can do that.


  • Build-in WIFI.
  • Great VRM with Metal Heatsinks.
  • Compatible with WIN10/11.
  • Support 11th/12th Intel Family CPU’s.
  • USB 3.2 2nd Generation.
  • Support Heavy Games like Gaming Motherboards.
  • Best cheap motherboard.


  • Low bus speed for 11th Generation.
  • Doesn’t Support heavy Overclock.

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