10 best low budget cpu 2022 End of life

Best low budget CPU

The processor is the brain of computer that performs the routine operations of machine and it is symbolized by CPU and  their descriptions and features have been widely spread in recent times due to the change they have brought about in the capabilities of the computer as there are many developments in computer equipment that had one piece behind it namely the processor.

CPU plays the most important role at all and it works with the main memory and the input and output units in an integrated manner and It can be said that microprocessors were manufactured in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century and consist of embedded chips.

Old processors used to support certain applications to run but this method of industry was very expensive which led to the emergence of competitive and cheap processors that everyone bought in the market.

Given the many multiple options when buying a processor which has become widely available in the market , I will mention the best low budget CPU for this year and for 2022 which you will be able to buy despite its price because it will provide you with many advantages that will last with you throughout your use of the computer.


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PC’s include processors of either Intel which is an old company and a pioneer in this field or ATI, a manufacturer of processors that is absolutely not insignificant and we will mention the best computer processors in these two companies at the best Amazon prices.


Intel CPU Core i3-10100F

Intel Core i3 processors are no longer as they were in the past as they were weak in performance and could not be installed for gaming devices or heavy programs but after the multiplicity of generations and their development there are very large differences processing threads and cache memory and other architecture that helped this category to be the best low budget CPU at all.

And one other thing that 10th generation Intel Core i3-10100F consists of a Comet Lake x86 core clocked at 3.6GHz and turbo boost technology up to 4.3GHz and these are really numbers worth buying without a second thought .

Another reason may call you to buy is that it contains four cores and eight processing threads which generates very fast and powerful operations management Although I own this type of processor , I never needed to change it with another processor as this is really suitable for me and my professional work on the computer.
best low budget cpu

Intel Core i3 10100F was launched on October 1 2020 which means that it is very recent and you may get a good discount when purchasing this processor from Amazon, so seize the opportunity.


  • Turbo Boost.
  • 14 nm technology.
  • Good Cooling.


  • Power Consumption.

Intel Core i5-3470 CPU

Intel Core i5-3470 is very old that is, it was at least 8 years ago but it has achieved great success in running modern games as it has a speed of more than 3.2 GHz per second and it also contains 4 cores and 4 processing threads.

In fact this CPU is still working until now because some still have LGA 1155 boards and do not want to change them, perhaps because they like to work on old technologies or they find their device is well-performing and perhaps some SSD technologies.

There is no longer a difference between Intel processors because they work quickly Required and the third generation Core i5 processor supports DDR3 technology and has a L3 cache with a capacity of 8 MB.

These numbers were good at the time , so if you want to buy it from Amazon its price does not exceed a few dollars unlike local stores that take advantage of customers.

best low budget cpu

Intel Core i5-3470 was launched on June 1 2012 and this processor from Intel achieved great success at that time and some devices are still working with it until now due to its strong capabilities which still support the operation of games and heavy programs and this is achieved with a strong VGA card.


  • 4 cores.
  • Cheap price.


  • Power Consumption.
  • 22 nm Temp is reach 90 degree sometimes.

AMD Athlon X4 860K

AMD Athlon X4 860K processor which is a strong competitor to the fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor and one of the most important features of the Athlon is its maximum speed of 4.0 GHz in addition to its support for DDR3 memory with a transfer rate of 2133 and it is a good deal to buy.

As it is available at a very cheap price on the Amazon store and this may have made it in demand until now due to the need for it by people who still own boards that support Socket FM2+ and Perhaps Intel outperforms AMD processors with L3 memory as it is not supported by the AMD Athlon processor.

but this processor is equipped with L2 memory up to 4 MB which is the closest for internal operations unlike its counterpart Intel core i5 which does not support high L2 memory and this processor is characterized by stability in running heavy programs but its electricity consumption is down to 95 W and this is not a small number on the Power Supply list so it is preferable to have a powerful power supply before purchasing an AMD Athlon.
best low budget cpu

AMD Athlon X4 was released in August 2014 , Although this processor is old, it is still used today due to its good ability and stability in running many heavy applications especially with high L2 memory and If you want to buy it because the price is worth the experience.


  • 4 cores with turbo Frequency.
  • Cheap price on amazon.


  • Power Consumption reach up to 95 watt.
  • Temperature up to 75 degrees.

Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHZ 2 Core

I tried the 4th generation Intel Core i3-4130 and it really amazed me in its capabilities when running design programs, despite its modest capabilities but it is better than the second generation Intel Core i5 and the reason for that is the difference in architecture in addition to the difference between the temperature of the two processors.

We cannot say that this processor is excellent and we will not say that , but perhaps this processor provides you with what you did not find in other old processors such as turbo boost technology, which is not available in most second and first generation processors and this is a good point in favor of the Intel Core i3-4130.

If you are a fan of heavy games, this processor may suit you provided you have a powerful VGA card and a powerful motherboard with several RAM ports and you will really find the best of what the Core i3 4th generation contains is the low electricity consumption with 22nm technology.

best low budget cpu

Intel Core i3-4130 processor was launched on September 1 2013 and what distinguishes it is the presence of two powerful processing cores that play the role of 4 cores in other processors, in addition to 4 processing threads and In fact this version is the undisputed pride of the Intel industry.


  • Big 2 cores with turbo boost.
  • Low power consumption.


  • Price is very expensive.

Intel Xeon E5-2609 v2

In fact Intel Xeon E5-2609 is an old architecture but it is not to be underestimated because it is intended for servers which are still working and I am amazed at its price which is displayed in exorbitant amounts on some pages and it is available on Amazon at a very small price.

This processor is characterized by its long life span. If you want a computer or a network server to keep working despite all the circumstances your organization is going through then processors of this type may suit you if you need them.

This processor has a low speed of only 2.4GHz but it is stable and stable during processing roles on server operating systems as it works well in managing Roles on your server and It contains two integrated processors with 4 cores and 4 processing threads and works with 32nm technology.

Imagine that you want to install this mighty piece on a modest computer to run the latest games, for example will it work? Yes it will work as if you were running it on a 7th generation Core i7 processor and there are some videos online comparing these two processors but the disadvantage of this processor is the power consumption of up to 80 watts.
best low budget cpu

Intel Xeon E5 was launched in March 2012 and it is a processor intended for servers of the same class that is still working so far , What distinguishes it is that it contains L3 memory up to 10 MB which put it in competition with many processors.


  • Big 4 cores with 10 MB of Cache.
  • Dedicated for servers roles.
  • Best low budget CPU.


  • High Power Consumption.


AMD Athlon 200GE processor is not the best in AMD products but let’s say that it is one of the processors that will not be changed for a long time and It is a competitor to Intel Core i3 4160 CPU and The reason for the strength of the AMD Athlon 200GE processor is that it contains two large cores and 4 processing threads which made it enter List of competitors.

Another reason to buy a 200GE processor is that it has a Turbo boost feature which works to save energy up to only 35 watts and this is a good thing worth thinking carefully before buying so AMD Athlon 200GE processor has a cache of up to 5MB and the Radeon Vega 3 graphics emulator helps it run games and edit videos smoothly and quickly.
best low budget cpu

In fact there is no clear information about the release date of the AMD Athlon 200GE but since it competes with the fourth generation Intel , it is expected that the date of its release will be in 2013 and it is a kind of old processor but it still contains good features that make it one of the list of competitors.


  • Big 2 cores with 5 MB of Cache.
  • Best low budget CPU.


  • Product is old.

Intel Core i5-2400

Intel Core i5-2400 processor is one of the good processors that is still receiving attention today due to its success in its old time and when we heard about the Core i5 processor ,  this processor contains 4 processing cores and 4 threads and its speed reaches 3.1 GHz and what distinguishes it is that it contains a Turbo boost feature which overclock its speed to 3.4 GHz.

We do not want to say that the second generation processor is still good for use because it consumes power as much as 95 watts but we may say that if you have an old device and want great capabilities with a fantastic VGA card this processor will enable you to do that if you use the cooling tools well.

I like the old Intel processors maybe because it reminds me of my old achievements that I used to use this type of processor while getting it done properly.

best low budget cpu

This processor was launched on January 9 2011 and contains a good cache of 6MB in addition to L2 Cache up to 256kb per processing core If you have an old device and want to give it life again and this type of processor is suitable for you.


  • 4 cores with 6 MB of Cache.
  • Best low budget CPU.


  • End of life Product.

Intel CELERON G5905 CPU Desktop

Celeron processors are no longer the same as before, many improvements have been made which included raising the processing core to two cores and this is what the Intel Celeron G5905 offers as it provided many additions that may prevent you from buying another one in the future.

In fact Celeron processors were not designed to run games but this does not mean that you will not be able to run graphics on it but you can but taking into account the architecture of this processor and perhaps some improvements have been made to this processor to consume only 58 watts of power.

In addition to its modern architecture which includes 14nm technology not to mention the addition of Turbo boost which is included in this processor and perhaps we cannot say that the Celeron G5905 processor is poor in performance but it lacks some of the essential features that were provided in powerful Intel processors such as the 9th generation Core i3.
best low budget cpu

Intel Celeron G5905 processor is very modern and was released on April 1 2020 and it has good capabilities for computer enthusiasts , It may not be classified as the best computer processor but it can be rated as the best low budget CPU that you can buy in 2022.


  • Better than old Core family.
  • Best low budget CPU.


  • 2 threads not sufficient for heavy duty use.

AMD Phenom II X4 965

X4 965 processor is eccentric and despite its old production, it still receives one or two sales per day and perhaps this is due to the pride of AMD industries at the time and it is an old product but its advantages are still working until now and the reason for that is that it contains 4 cores and 4 processing threads which highlighted Light on it to compete with the second generation Core i5 processors as well.

This processor has a frequency of up to 3.4 GHz and it is an outdated product but it still has many additions that you will feel when it works with the latest display cards available in the market and There is one drawback in the X4 965 which is the consumption of energy resources while playing games and its high temperature when the necessary ventilation and cooling are not provided also AMD Socket AM3 software supports the processor which is the best solution for it at all times.
best low budget cpu

An old processor that was released on November 2009 and was very popular with game lovers and still supports DDR3 architecture If you want to buy the best low budget CPU, perhaps this is an option that suits you due to its cheap price.


  • Support DDR3.
  • Best low budget CPU.


  • Power consumption.
  • Old Architecture.

AMD Ryzen 5 with 6 Cores 1600

AMD Ryzen 5 has 6 cores and 12 threads which makes it one of the best processors that you will probably buy due to its cheap price compared to its very high performance not to mention its release date and its still modern architecture.

You will not need to know the total speed of this processor because AMD has provided 6 very powerful cores with a speed of 3.2 GHz with Turbo Clock technology which competes with Intel processors with Turbo boost technology and I can only say that this type of processor is very powerful in running Best games of 2022.

I will buy it soon and without hesitation after these specifications that I saw for a price that does not exceed a few dollars and perhaps Ryzen processors have achieved a wide spread in America because they are dedicated to running heavy programs.

I can’t say that AMD outperformed Intel but in fact it succeeded in reclaiming the global markets after an absence of a few years.
best low budget cpu

AMD Ryzen 5 was released on April 2017 and was widely popular among AMD processors lovers because it has special capabilities that outperformed many Intel processors for a cheap price.


  • Incredible Performance.
  • Best low budget CPU.
  • 16 MB L3 Cache Memory.


  • Price increasing day after day.

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