Top 2 cheap gaming cpu to buy even in 2022!

cheap gaming CPU

When you want to buy a Gaming PC all you want to pay attention to and take into consideration is the ability of this computer to run games, and perhaps if that is the case, you will start paying attention to this computer because it is a good deal that will save you updates in the future.

In some cases you may inspect it from the inside and remove dust from it or check the cooling systems or perhaps you will disassemble the entire parts and enjoy the flavors of their manufacture, and then you will re-install them again.

Many of us love our computer which contains powerful pieces that enable it to run Rockstar games for example, or the giant Ubisoft Without the constantly developing devices, we would not have known anything about the game companies that give you the full fun.

My name is James, and I remember that I was young and loved games a lot and I sat in front of the computer screen for about 7 hours a day just to discover this terrible virtual world that takes my imagination away. Ryzen processor with NVIDIA card and exciting audio system from Presonus.

Truly, what a valuable quality of life worth living in front of the supercomputers produced every day by the experts we respect for their patience in these industries, A whole day in front of my computer next to him.

I love computer parts a lot and pay attention to their details even their beautiful smell when overclocking makes me afraid and fun at the same time, Even modern accessories have been built on computer architecture  I like those details that I find in my computer room because Sometimes I wait impatiently to come back from work to complete the stages of the games I play every day.

There is no so-called processor dedicated to games but there are specific technologies that allow these processors to run games such as cache memory frequency and number of cores needed which are basically games based on their architecture.


The processors are the main server for the computer which handles many routine tasks through very precise connectors and they were manufactured by integrated circuits and these processors began to be manufactured in the seventies that is not a long time ago, The processors also handle the input and output operations of computers which is the brain of computers that manages task queues across operating systems.


AMD Ryzen5 65W AM4 Socket GAMING CPU

Perhaps the AMD Ryzen5 is in the first place on the Amazon market  and there is a clear reason for this popularity  which is perhaps the cheap price of the best third-generation processor from AMD and you should know that this processor competes strongly with Intel processors in terms of architectural performance internal and tangible additions good cooling and the number of cores.

AMD has once again captured the market with the launch of this multi-core processor  which comes with the CCx processor which is the pride of AMD’s development after receiving many comments on previous processors.

This processor contains 6 cores and 12 processing threads and two threads are attached to each core and It has a gigantic cache of 32 MB with a maximum processor speed of 3.6 GHz  which means a very integrated performance with Motherboard such as MSI X470 or better supports running heavy games with its internal processor only.

The AMD Ryzen5 processor has succeeded due to the use of two high-complexity processors from the inside with Infinity Fabric technology that fires up the computer’s performance during gaming by integrating all processor intentions on all bus lines.

cheap gaming cpu

AMD Ryzen5 was launched on April 11 2017 and it is a high performance AMD processor and there are different versions of the same type also Ryzen 5 1600 has a cache of up to 16 MB per second against 6 cores and 12 processing threads and this processor is able to run next-generation games in 2022.


  • 16 MB of cache memory.
  • Simultaneous multithreading.
  • Integrated overclock with air-cooling to reach 4.0 GHz.
  • Cheap gaming CPU to buy.


  • Some cores are disabled by manufacturer to push you buy Ryzen 7.


Intel Core i5-10400F

The processor is the most important part of the computer and the Intel Core i5 10th generation is worth a little thought although it belongs to the Comet Lake family but it achieved better results than the 9th and 8th generation compared to the price and this may make it catch a little eye than its Ryzen counterpart.

Intel Core i5 processor has 6 cores with 12 processing threads  a base speed of 2.90GHz and an awesome Max Turbo speed of up to 4.3GHz , you will know that this processor has supported a new Socket from Intel the LGA 1200.

Also the Intel Core i5 provided similar performance to the Ryzen 5 3600 processor in GTA5 and slightly outperformed the Ryzen 5 in the forefront of the Assassin Creed odyssey but Ryzen grabbed the performance mid game.

May be Intel Core i5 processor outperformed the Ryzen 5 processor in the distribution of processing cores in Far Cry5  while the Ryzen 5 processor outperformed it in the speed of data processing and you should realize that the 10th generation Intel Core i5 did not provide the performance of the Ryzen 5 processor in the game Fortnight  which is a little disappointing but it deservedly outperformed the Ryzen 5 in the game The Witcher 3  which shed the light on it again.

Intel Core i5 competes with the third generation Ryzen processors and outperforms them in some games and the tenth generation was real competition in performance and price for all AMD processors but we have one question and after that Is there anything more beautiful than the Intel brand inside our computers?.


From my point of view  I like the two companies very much and I have both processors and I find that the Intel Core i5 processor is better in energy expenditure than the Ryzen 5 processor and this generation is less hot than previous Intel generations but Ryzen still possesses the power of data processing despite its high temperature at times.

cheap gaming cpu

i5 10400F was developed on Apr 30th 2020 and contains 6 basic cores and 12 threads for each core which mean this processor has a maximum speed of 4.3 GHz against a moderate temperature while running the most powerful games It was provided by Intel for a competitive price for Ryzen 5 processors.


  • Low power consumption.
  • Stable performance during Max Turbo.


  • No Build-in VGA is included.

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