8 best cheap gaming motherboard 2022

Cheap gaming motherboard

Computer parts in general are the part responsible for operating the computer in an integrated manner and all these parts want to participate in the electrical and technical exchange among themselves.

Imagine that there is a large city with lights streets or buildings and vehicles and These factors share in an integrated city that achieves this intelligent communication , This is for the motherboard as it performs this role to the fullest extent through the interaction between the most important components of computer parts.

What a motherboard is?

The motherboard is a set of very complex printed circuits that contain some built-in transistors and some small and large electrical resistors, including power capacitors also interact with each other It interacts with other parts such as the processor display card and RAM storage and disks network card and others through electrical conductors and other conductors of the internal system.

And because many are curious to know about the best cheap gaming motherboard, we will mention several motherboards that are very popular for gaming fans and that may lead you to buy a mighty device with high specifications at all.



Rog Strix B450-F II is Amazon’s number one upgraded version of the b450f with an updated version of the VRM setup that is capable of running eight cores and has a superb design which is something we’ve been familiar with from ASUS motherboards since ancient times.

This board supports addressable RGB out of the box and supports the previous 12v RGB version plus its weight has increased slightly after the VRM was increased inside and if we want to talk about RAM you should know that  Strix B450-F II is capable of accommodating up to 128GB of RAM with a transfer speed of 4400MHz.

And this indicates that ASUS has expanded RAM twice as much as the previous Strix B450-F version not to mention another feature of the Strix B450-F II is that it has a Bios flash back button but keep in mind perhaps these numbers and data deserve to be number one on Amazon and that’s the truth.
cheap gaming motherboard

Rog strix B450-F II was launched on October 2020 and it is the upgraded version of the rog strix B450-F, Many features and improvements have been added to the interior design memory system and Bios updates.


  • Amazon Top Rated.
  • Slots Of RAM.
  • Capable to upgrade AMD old generations.
  • Cheap gaming motherboard.
  • Access Full Bios Features.


  • No Built-in WIFI.
  • Poor LAN only with 1.0Gigabit.


MSI Performance X470 FOR AMD

If you want a motherboard to support a high-end CPU’s then MSI AMD X470 is the same, This motherboard has achieved additional features that you were missing from X370 motherboard and if you want to get all the advantages of giant motherboards but at a low price and with good performance AMD X470 helps you a lot and saves you some money.

When you buy an AMD X470 you will get a user manual with all the drivers in addition to a Black SATA cable and IO panel with screws and In terms of design you will get a Black PCB woofer and good VRM heat spreaders and due to the existing dispersion you may not be able to overclock well or as required.

AMD X470 has two RGB haters one for the processor and the other for the bottom of the board and you can make some adjustments for this through the MSI Mystic Light as this program gives you many features that will amaze you while working on it.

AMD X470 motherboard supports dual channel memory and can install up to four RAM sticks up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM with a transfer rate of up to 3466MHz.
cheap gaming motherboard

AMD X470 was launched on March 2018 and despite its cheap price, it supports many AMD processors until 2020 in addition to supporting the desktop horizon CPU z.


  • Supports many AMD CPU’s.
  • 3 way crossfire.
  • Cheap gaming motherboard.
  • Steal armor for slots(Durable).
  • Great Benchmark while overclocking.


  • VRM Heatsink not suffices to reach good cooling.



TUF Gaming X570-Plus is a reliable and affordable buy perhaps because of the advantages of ASUS motherboards and this motherboard has plenty of space during the design and what distinguishes TUF Gaming X570-Plus is that ASUS follows the specialist style in its construction meaning that it is only a gaming specialist motherboard and nothing else in addition to a five-year warranty so that you can purchase without any worries.

X570-Plus has some updates and improvements that the previous X570 lacked , It has six layers ATX PCB with AM 4 socket that supports Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000 processors and regardless of cooling the Good cooling is the most important characteristic of the X570-Plus is the lack of thermals retelling even if you overclock at any time and under any conditions and the reason for this is the good architecture that limits it.

By talking about  dual channel memory , X570-Plus will support 128 GB of RAM with DDR4 and a transfer speed of up to 3000MHz in safe mode and may reach 4400MHz after overclocking with a remarkable stability in performance.

cheap gaming motherboard

The mighty TUF Gaming X570-Plus motherboard developed by ASUS supports many overclocking features without overheating with good stability and its elegant and simple design is more complex when you discover its advantages for yourself.


  • Durable material.
  • Support good bandwidth without bottle nick.
  • Stability during overclock.
  • Has a great blower above X570 chipset.
  • Cheap gaming motherboard VS Price.


  • (I/O critic)Blue color for all USB Slot may confuse you choosing which better to plug inside.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-A

Introducing the ROG Strix B550-A from AUSU which supports Ryzen 9 processors 3900x family is well compatible with the RTX 3060 display card and has a very nice RGB and the ROG Strix b550-a case has a nice shape on the outside as well as some clear and simple instructions for the installation process.

Although AMD 3x processors are supported, it has bios flashbacks when you want to install AMD 5th generation processors and When you open the cover of the ROG Strix B550-A board, you will get some of the basics available which are 4 SATA cables with fasteners for these cables.

You will also find some m2 screws an RGB cable and a Keyring in addition to a manual book a warranty card and a driver identification disk for ROG Strix B550 -A and It does not have ROG Strix B550-A type-c motherboard but it does have aura sync for RGB devices in addition to support for AMD crossfire and in terms of processor, this motherboard has 14 power stages that will help you well when overclocking.

This motherboard has 2.5 gigabit ethernet and dual m.2 heatsinks that help distribute heat well in addition to the built-in heatsink on the B550-A chipset and it has a dual ram of only 128 GB, it is a good deal to buy.

ROG Strix B550-A motherboard was released on August 2020 and supports up to 128GB of RAM and the best thing about it is that it supports an overclocking rate of up to 5100MHz and all provided numbers are from the official ASUS website and may be worth buying at this competitive price!.


  • High bandwidth.
  • Quality of heatsinks.
  • Supports heavy overclock with bus speed up to 5100 MHZ!.
  • Best Cheap gaming motherboard versus performance.
  • 12 VRM stages for CPU.


  • Cons will be up to date soon as possible.


MSI MPG B550 GAMING Motherboard

Some improvements have been made from MSI on the MSI MPG B550 motherboard in terms of higher VRM temperature than was previously in x570 boards and This motherboard is one of the most requested boards in the MSI Store and is the first H-class motherboard that supports gaming.

MSI MPG B550 PCIE 4.0 supports well which means doubling the bandwidth performance and in terms of the processor and certainly it supports AMD4 socket which means that the Ryzen 3x and Ryzen 4x processors work and As for the VRM , it contains 12 60 Power Stages with high-performance heatsinks that give stable overclocking with 600 amps that will help well in saving AMD Ryzen consumption resources.

B550 Chipset offers good performance with PCIE 3.0 without any lag which means that it only consumes 6 watts while staying at a moderate temperature and in this version from MSI the Blower has been dispensed with in the cooling process perhaps not necessary at all.

In terms of RAM MSI MPG B550 contains Dual Channel of RAM with a capacity of up to 128 GB DDR4 and a transfer rate of speed that may reach crazy numbers up to 5100 MHz but it is required to support a piece of RAM for that.

MSI MPG B550 motherboard was launched on June 16th 2020, which is a significant competitor to the ASUS ROG motherboard , MSI MPG B550 supports Ryzen3 and Ryzen5 processors which pushes it to compete in breaking speeds and high VRM efficiency with the rest of the competitors.


  • Max Memory 128 GB.
  • Double Bandwidth.
  • Double Bandwidth.
  • Best Cheap gaming motherboard for AMD Ryzen CPU’s.
  • All b570 problems has been solved with MSI MPG.
  • Durable Metallic reinforcement.
  • Also include PS/2 I/o.
  • Two 10 Gigabits USB & Type-c I/o.
  • 2.5 Gigabits LAN which came only 1.5 with older b570.
  • Full separated Audio I/O Channels system.


  • No Built-in WIFI.


What is VRM?

It is an abbreviation of Voltage Regulator Module which is the unit responsible for regulating the voltage , Let us explain a little about the function of Power Supply which is to convert current from alternating current to independent current which means converting electricity from AC to DC.
It provides the computer with basic power lines which are 12 volts DC and 5 volts DC and also 3.3 volts DC and 12 volts is the mains current for the power supply.

This 12-volt main current supplies the main power to the processor and to the VGA display card and if we supply this power at once, many problems will occur that prevent the computer from working properly.

Usually the consumption of the processor does not exceed 1 to 1.5 volts which in turn needs a VRM to distribute the power and it is considered the main store that helps provide DC power from the 12 volt line in those portfolios and then start distributing it in proportion to the processor’s ability and its energy consumption needs.

VRM Components
  • Controller.
  • MOSFETs.
  • chokes.
  • capacitors.

You usually notice where the VRM is near the processor at the top and next to and if you buy a VGA card you will also find a special VRM on the same card located near the GPU processor and if you want to buy a good motherboard you will probably notice that there are many built-in VRMs and maybe up to 12 in some cases.



Perhaps MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE will outperform you in terms of price and we hope that you are in terms of performance as well and owns this motherboard Build-in WIFI which distinguishes it from other Premium motherboards.

In terms of audio MSI MPG X570 has an Audio codec chip as well as well-distributed heatsinks built over VRM 6 + 2 phases and you don’t have to worry about overclocking at all.

There may be a thermal headroom with the X570 Chipset but it seems that MSI is not relentless in this matter with the provision of a cooling fan above the CHIPSET in addition to black heatsinks integrated with the fan as well.

MPG X570 supports processors up to Ryzen 9 in addition to its AM4 socket that supports 3x and 5x class operation , This motherboard has superior BIOS settings in design and additions that enable you to overclock many speeds at high frequency.

MSI MPG X570 motherboard was launched on July 2019 and this board has a RAM capacity of 128GB with a base frequency of 2666MHz DDR4 and an overclocked speed of 4400MHz.


  • Built-in WIFI included.
  • Top Cheap gaming motherboard.
  • Durable PCI metallic reinforcement.
  • Quality distributed heatsinks.
  • Great and cheap value.


  • x570 Chipset Thermal Headroom on heavy overclocking.
  • No USBC front panel header.



Perhaps the MSI MPG Z390 will achieve the title of the best cheap gaming motherboard because of the most amazing design for a price that will suit everyone as it contains all the basics of Heavy duty motherboards but in a simple and durable form at the same time.

MSI MPG Z390 ATX motherboard is 30.5cm in size has a USB 3.1 front panel and supports LGA-1151 socket making it fully compatible with 8th and 9th generation Intel Core I processors.

MSI MPG Z390 VRM 8+1 phase provides plenty of power for any type of processor with modern Intel architecture with Heatsinks on each phase, providing optimum overclocking and cooling performance and This motherboard has a dual memory channel which in turn supports approximately 64 GB of RAM with a frequency of up to 4400 MHz during overclocking in addition to supporting two NVME solid state device inputs with different dimensions.

RM can pass data up to 32 GBIT/s and contains large heatsinks to keep the Z390 Chipset at temperature , MSI MPG Z390 has x6 PCIE 3.0 and x16 bus What makes this motherboard the best cheap gaming motherboard is that it has metallic reinforcement as MSI didn’t reduce manufacturing costs despite the low price.

MSI MPG Z390 motherboard is one of the cheap versions from MSI that provides the advantages of professional motherboards and contains a good number of RAM memory in addition to its support for overclocking and good cooling from MSI that provides you with these advantages.


  • Durable Metallic for PCI-E.
  • Supports NVME SSD storage.
  • Heatsinks on VRM phases.
  • Best cheap gaming motherboard for 2022.
  • Support Crossfire Graphics.
  • Support PC/2 IO.
  • Support C-type IO.


  • Not SLI compatible no Compatible NVIDIA Card’s.
  • Poor LAN Bandwidth to only has 1 gigabit.


MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus Motherboard

MSI Z490 gaming plus supports 10th generation Intel processors and outperforms the MSI MPG Z390 motherboard in many ways , It is from the mid-performance MSI family which has a VRM with 14 power phase to provide the resources of the 10th Intel processors of all sizes.

This motherboard is capable of being overclocked at high frequencies while maintaining a moderate temperature for professional gamers which provides the processor with 50 amp power chokes better than previous MSI MPG versions.

This processor doubles the CPU performance during overclocking with 2x CPU power technology where you will get high bandwidth performance with good heatsinks for each VRM and With an ideal frequency of up to 2933 MHz and when you overclock you will get a frequency of up to 5000 MHz with DDR4 technology.

MSI Z490 supports NVME SSD and Built-in WIFI and in fact there is not much sales for this motherboard which is a really rich resource for all gaming fans’ needs.


  • BUILT-IN WIFI Support.
  • Enhanced LAN with 2.5 Gigabit per second.
  • C-type IO port with 3.2 2nd Generation.
  • Double CPU Bandwidth.
  • Integrated with NVIDIA Chipset Graphics.


  • No Crossfire X technology.
  • This Motherboard is Not widely Spread in shops which means no plenty of credential reviews.


When buying cheap gaming motherboard you must take into account some of the advantages and factors, including the architecture of the processor and RAM and the presence of heatsinks is more important in every Advanced Motherboard because high performance always requires advanced technologies in cooling and below that, you will face interruptions and breaks in heavy programs and games.

Motherboards vary in price but beware of buying cheap boards if you have a powerful processor because the processor and display card and RAM and each of piece resources will work with half the advantages and maybe less.

You should take into account the Circuit board well if you have previous knowledge in electrical engineering.

The purchase of a motherboard with a good PCB is the most important of all as it is not only specialized in transferring the interaction of these small pieces with each other but also protects the board from changing weather factors atmospheric humidity and metal contact , It is well tested and tested before being sold in the market.

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