Best 10 Tips You Should know before hosting website

Hosting website

Hosting website is one of most important things that you should focus on well before you start setting up your website.

You should choose your hosting website based on brand you are marketing.

In this article, we will focus on technology of hosting website and how it works well, taking into account some important things that Be aware of it before setting off to reduce wasting time in work and find a hosting website that does not suit you at all.


Previously building websites was very difficult as corporate hosting was very expensive and it was important for website owners to know languages ​​of web development and without that it would be very difficult.

In fact, there were really bad things about local hosting of your own site, most important of which are:

  • Need for a local server for your own site to put in your home or organization, and prices of servers at that time were very high.
  • Need to link your site in an IP address obtained in accordance with policies of country in which you live in addition to paying monthly subscriptions to local parties.
  • Lack of site backup which causes many sudden data loss.
  • Sudden power outage in area in which you live, which causes your hosting website to stop working.
  • Bandwidth is very bad because your site depends on speed of your local internet provider.
  • Lack of SSL certificates in protecting networks, which leads to receiving mass attacks to websites.

Well, I knew a short overview about local hosting and what were the obstacles that website owners faced in work of these hosting website, and we will now move to discuss special information in search and find cloud hosting website to meet all your needs, and we will mention the most important basics of owning websites and how to manage them at all times and places.

1. Famous hosting website

We are not here to market hosting companies in world. All we want is to anticipate events from experiences of others in websites.

hosting website
An image that is showing Clouds.


According to type of hosting website companies, does your hosting contain:

  • Good reputation with search engines : This is an important point that you should pay close attention to when you build your website. Are you in a well-rated range among others?.
  • Fast and responsive help : technical support section is one of most important features of web hosts, which makes customers feel comfortable when problems occur on their sites.

As we said, we do not want to mention types of bad hosts, but we dealt with very fast companies, but they lack skilled customer service, which prompted us to change this x host to another host that supports all our requirements in building our own site.


2. Pricing plan

hosting website plans are one of most important things you can know before starting your website, because it is plan that will stay with you throughout life cycle of your website, so it is important to focus on some aspects before adopting pricing of the plan.


hosting website
An image is showing pricing plan for x hosting company.


And because this is the most important thing that we will explain in this article, we will focus on types of hosting plans, which may differ from one company to another, but the essence remains the same with different labels.

The types of hosting are generally under three names:

  • Shared Hosted Plan.
  • VPS plan.
  • Dedicated plan.

All web hosting companies provide those plans but you will notice during shopping another names but do not worry you will be able to distinguish every plan after this article.

Shared hosted plan

Usually this hosting offers one website for you, meaning that you will be able to build only one website, and it is very suitable for beginners.


hosting website
An image is showing shared host technology.


shared hosted works in way of distributing more than one client on one physical server and it has many drawbacks, which is that when the number of users of this plan increases, your pressure increases on the main server, which hinders the work of some sites due to distributing bandwidth to everyone with fair-use policy.

Some of basics available in shared hosting plan:

  • Easy cPanel : Without it, your site will not work as you want, and it is site’s control panel that enables you to set up your root files and there are multiple PHP language versions that are able to manage your site with ease, The shared host is provided with a cPanel for free, but some hosting companies charge additional fees for activating it.
  • Free domain : You are provided with a free domain that you can easily link on your site and may save you time in understanding some of network basics.
  • One click tools : They are tools that allow you to configure your website, such as templates and search engine services, and are usually provided with one click installation.
  • Auto backup :Often a cloud backup is created and activated automatically when needed without feeling it.
  • Limited database : A good feature to add more than one database if you do not want to work on pre-made templates.
  • Cloud tools.

If you are a fan of shared hosting to save money, we advise you to search for a good hosting company with a medical reputation that is able to develop its equipment permanently in order to avoid problems in future.

Positives :
  • Low coast per year.
  • Easy to install and config.
  • Best way for beginners.
  • Shared Bandwidth.
  • You don’t have authority in some features.
  • Sometimes slow in managing your website.


VPS plan

Virtual private server is best solution if you want dedicated speed and dedicated Virtual machine server.

hosting website
An image is showing VPS technology.


The situation is slightly different in VPS, where you can get a documented speed with a virtual private server, which are closest to independence in hosting, since with a private server and a private IP address, you will be able to allocate more functions in your private plan.

With a slightly higher hosting price, you will be able to get out of bottleneck in your site speed as you will face fewer problems due to quality of main physical server which contains less virtual machines that has a limited number of your partners in speed of the private network.

Well, we will mention them advantages that distinguish powerful VPS hosting, which can be described as follows:

  • Choose server that best suits you in plan, including amount of RAM, processing lines, and storage space.
  • Unlocked cPanel that allow you to customize some advanced feature.
  • Real unmetered bandwidth contrary of shared hosted plan.
  • Schedule backup tools.
  • Strong notification system.
  • Limited or unlimited database : that may depends on your sub VPS plan.
  • Cloud tools.

In fact, VPS hosting plan is a great plan if you are one of owners that have huge traffic for your own site, as it is perfect solution for your sites in real.

  • Full knowledge of capabilities in your server.
  • High storage space without need to purchase additional storage spaces.
  • Semi full authority on your host.
  • Tough for beginners.
  • High monthly cost even yearly cost too.

Dedicated plan

In this plan things are somewhat different, it is suitable only for high-powered, which leads them to have a physical server with a dedicated datacenter.

hosting website
An image is showing rack servers.


A dedicated managed host plan is best when there is a very large number of visitors, and it is suitable for most popular sites, whose visits range to more than 100,000 visits per day, so this plan is most suitable for owners of these sites.


We will now come to mention pros of this hosting website plan, which serve:

  • A dedicated physical server that contains a private network for visitors that no other client shares.
  • High cache space, up to 64 GB in addition high space disk storage as a hardware unlike virtual.
  • Fully managed processor with two or four cores.
  • Advanced cPanel and hPanel in addition to schedule backup tools.
  • Ability to manage rules in Windows or Linux operating system.
  • Fully dedicated IP addresses.
  • Strong notification system with events.
  • Bandwidth can reach to 4TB.
  • Unlimited database.
  • Advanced cloud tools.

In fact, dedicated hosting are best choice that can be offered by hosting companies and needs great care by hosting team because it reflects the extent to which companies can continue to provide all new network technologies to customers.

  • Full authority on your hosting website.
  • More traffic and visitors monthly.
  • Full trustfully from search engines.
  • Real unlimited websites & bandwidth memory.
  • High skilled in hosting.
  • High SSH for visitors.
  • Too high cost.
  • Needs high skilled to manage website.
  • Non suitable for small business.

3. Dedicated IP

Some go to buy hosting website quickly without thinking about future consequences that they can face in sites they want to build.

hosting website
An image is showing IP Pinging on Microsoft environment.


I remember once that a friend of mine bought hosting without taking anything into account and built his first blog and his visits improved, until a black day came and Google blocked his site from list of trusted websites and put it on black list.

Although his site was archived correctly, but it took us a lot of time to find out reason and we contacted technical team of hosting and we did not get a good result in solving this problem, but after checking site on mxtoolbox we found site had already been blocked and reason was that hosting IP address was Shared with some clients who made illegal use of hosting on same IP address.

We know that today you are getting your own IP in hosts but all hosts addresses follow the same private network in shared hosts which is physical server address that contains all hosts addresses in one subnet mask.

This point makes us go back to starting line and repeat that question, are our records of this hosting clean with search engines?

We emphasize the need to have a dedicated IP address to avoid problems in future and you are completely free to work on that advice or put it aside.


4. DNS zone

Before starting with any hosting company, there is an indispensable thing, which is strength of  spread these servers.

hosting website
An image showing DNS zone for a website.


Assuming that your content will talk about everything related to continent of Europe, most of visitors to your site will be from European countries.

This is what you should look for in your hosting is spread of its servers well in that continent, otherwise you will face interruptions and very slow while using your website.

Almost all hosts support DNS zone option, and you can enter and search for extent of spread for this hosting around the world through this approved site

Contact hosting technical team before buying and ask them to give you their nameserver and then check it on site we mentioned a while ago

DNS zone is first requirement, does there are visitors from all regions or not, and choosing to host while neglecting this aspect will lead you to abandon your site in future because effort and trouble without money are useless.

5. Free SSL

An information that everyone may overlook is activation of SSL certificate, which is certificate of safe browsing, as everyone falls into this trap when he buys hosting without making sure that there is an SSL certificate in plan.

hosting website
An image is showing SSL Certificate.


To save money, ask hosting team that you want to buy about a secure browsing certificate because its price is very high on some hosting sites, and when you make sure that it is supported for free, think about whether you want to buy or what.

Without using an SSL certificate, you will have difficulty archiving in search engines, with annoying problems in future for hackers and others.

6. Domain Life Cycle

Domain is www and it is main home of your website that you will never do without.

Beginners always cannot distinguish between hosting and domain, as domain is house in which your site is saved from thieves and the lock is placed on it and hosting is details of that house in which your website lives such rooms and furniture and kitchen.

hosting website
An image is showing world wide web logo.


Sometimes you use a domain name and think that it has not been used before, but you may sometimes be surprised that this name was working ten years ago to be stunned recently, but there is no need to worry, it may be an address that had an old audience and we will give you some tips to avoid mistakes in naming your domain you are:

  • Use domains that end with .NET .COM or .ORG, and we invite you to focus on those domains to quickly index them in search engines.
  • It is preferable to check historical background of that domain you have chosen through site inspection tools to avoid a previous blocking by search engines.
  • Domain is most beautiful and powerful thing to take care of on your site, always take care of it and activate protection tools for it.
  • Domain has a different annual renewal fee than hosting, and you can link any hosting with it if you own it before.

7. Auction Domains

Have you heard about domains being auctioned? , I guess most of you haven’t heard of it before.

hosting website
An image is showing domain auctions.


A good idea for any site to succeed very quickly is to rely on buying a high-quality, trusted domain before you start blogging.

What is wrong with this method is volume of loss a large amount at beginning, which may reach 50000 dollars sometimes when buying a very strong domain in search engine rankings, but your profits will rise again once your site is incredibly spread all over the world without knowing what is going on and reason is that strong domain you’ve got from auctions.

But you may be able to work in a small amount not ranging from 5000 dollars and reap reasonable profits from beginning, and we will mention the reasons of why some web professionals go to this method:

  • It is difficult for search engines to trust their new domains, which makes them go that way.
  • Start a strong business regardless domain name.
  • Doing affiliate marketing.
  • Use black hat SEO.

But before you start in this field, you must know exactly what you are doing to avoid penalties of search engines ,where some people make mistakes using old domains that have a very bad historical background, whether they are pornographic or bloody or otherwise.

8. Reverse DNS

Without exaggeration, but there are now thousands of sites that are not subject to rDNS, which is a reference to the domain name to your address and vice versa.

hosting website
An image showing reverse DNS record.


I really regret seeing those numbers of sites that do not have a back-mail coverage, and the trust of search engines is withdrawn from them, as this affects their ranking in search results and sometimes they do not appear, and that happened to me personally when I was blocked from the most used search engines in eastern world.

Which prompted me to research this matter and then found myself in a hosting that does not support reverse DNS after I wrote at least a hundred exclusive articles, that loss prompted me to accept it after discovering the matter in order to avoid falling into it later.

9. Content Quality

Good content is what leads those experiences that you have gained in web experience to success and by using very good content Yes, search engines will not accept less than that.

hosting website
An image is showing websites content.


We always prefer to start with one niche which will improve your site in search results when the algorithms are directed to adopt your pages as a very important reference for visitors which will bring you visits that you will not believe.

10. Indexing

After you bought a great hosting website and built your site and chose appropriate template for it, there is a step no less important than the previous steps, which is to archive the site in search engines.

hosting website
An image is showing search engines archiving.


Archiving tools in search engines are easy to use, you may find them difficult sometimes, but after you have overcome all previous difficult stages in hosting your own site, we do not think that you will find it difficult to archive.


Now you have a clear idea from experts in hosting website and after reading this article you will be able to:

  • Choosing a very suitable hosting website for your aspirations and needs.
  • Full control of your plan and control of your domain versus search engines behavior.
  • Develop your skills in network science and how it works coherently.
  • Cancel your bad hosting website that put you in prison of search engines.

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