html iframe : Lesson15 HTML for beginners

Html iframe

It is to include a template from another link, and the content of this link may be a site, a section, or the like, but the result is a complete template that is included in our HTML page and determines its location in addition to its size, such as height and width.


1. Definition of html iframe

<iframe name="NameOfIncludedUrl" src="URL"></iframe>

Where this tag is included to broadcast the external link on our page.


2. Example

Please, to understand the iframe html well, copy the following codes into the text file and do not forget to change its extension to .html and then run it in your browser.

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <meta name="description" content= "Html for beginner">
        <link rel="stylesheet.css" href="style.css">
            iframe{width:700px;height:400px;margin:20px;overflow:hidden;border:5px solid #F00}
            <!--overhidden scraps the scrolling in firefox browser-->
        <!--How to use iFrame-->
        <!--iFrame allows you to use a website in your inner main page-->
        <iframe name="tajersys" src="" scrolling="yes"></iframe>






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