Nvidia 2070 rtx : specs and review

2070 rtx

Nvidia 2070 rtx : specs and review

NVidia 2070 rtx is one of the best cards that offers a different performance than the rest of the display cards and this card is designed to support professional and large businesses that require precision in performing math theories and calculations.


About Nvidia

In this article we will provide an explanation of Nvidia 2070 rtx card as this type of card is characterized by a high processor speed and large memory size in addition to many additional advantages in the architecture of these cards that will enable us to use them in a practical and superior manner.

There are negatives that are chasing everyone before buying products such as 2070 rtx and others from the Nvidia market which is the high price which has become exaggerated sometimes And is this giant company worth the amount of revenue it gets for manufacturing these cards and why these ridiculous prices in displaying and selling products?

With a quick look at Nvidia it is a company specialized in the production of graphics processors display cards and gaming peripherals. It is worth mentioning what I mentioned in previous articles is that NVIDIA does not manufacture processors but rather it draws manufacturing plans and then gives these plans to design companies specializing in the manufacture of chips and materials silicon.

Since today’s article is devoted to one of GeForce cards the explanation is long about these cards as their industrial story began in 1999 when they launched the first GeForce 256 display card and it was a blessed and good start from this company to reach what it has now reached such as 2070 rtx cards and other A luxurious family that is well worth the experience.


The most important reason for buying an expensive display card like 2070 rtx is the need for important reasons which are:

  • Play beautiful games with powerful graphics.
  • Content and design programs.
  • The ability of a computer screen to display the advantages of high-resolution operating systems.
  • Programs for producing games professional graphics and drawing plans.


The previous reasons are one of the most important reasons that push you to buy a display card such as 2070 rtx or even others. For example the ability of a computer to run heavy games is fundamentally related to the processor architecture and the power of the display card undisputedly.

Display cards are also one of the most important requirements for running design contents such as extracting audio and visual data video editing software page cover design and other graphic design.

As for the operating systems many problems have appeared for example in Windows 10 and on some devices which is due to poor display cards or reliance on integrated display cards that are unable to speed up graphics well.

And on the last point, getting complex design software to run games or graphic space simulators requires installing a powerful graphics card first before you start using it.

Perhaps 2070 rtx is not suitable for many computer users due to its ability to suit a certain category of users but let me say that this category is from developers talented and fans of games and this is the real story behind the emergence of powerful display cards.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super

RTX 2070 card is the smallest arrangement in the RTX cards and most of the people were waiting for the RTX 2070 card because of the very high prices of the 2080 as Nvidia produced this card to include all the contents of the more expensive cards with a miniature performance.

This card contains an NVIDIA RTX processor with a maximum speed of 1710 MHz compared to the previous version and is under the development of Founders edition unlike the traditional version of the NVIDIA RTX 2070, which reached a maximum speed of only 1620 MHz .

Also RTX 2070 founders edition has a memory size of 8 GB and a transfer speed of 14 GB per second and its bandwidth is much better than the GTX versions.

The RTX 2070 Founders processor supports DirectX 12 versions with its support for OC technology and ANSEL technologies and there are many advantages of the 2070 RTX processor such as support for a new version of CUDA 7.5 and OpenGL 4.6.

Also 2070 RTX founders Edition features a high quality cooling housing with dual cooling and the Heatsinks are hidden inside the card and it is preferable not to disassemble the card in order to avoid malfunctions inside.

In terms of cooling the 2070 RTX card the temperature will not exceed 55 in general conditions which gives a good impression of cooling the Founders Edition at this point. In terms of graphics performance the 2070 RTX card significantly outperformed the GTX 1080 during the 3dMark Fire Strike tests.

These cards strongly support 2k resolution and are also compatible with 4k resolution with performance up to 80% for the highest settings.

Nvidia 2070 RTX card was launched on July 2019 and is a Geforce20 edition. As for the printed circuit it was developed from Founders Edition Also Nvidia 2070 RTX card is an updated development from RTX 2070 where the processor speed was increased and the cooling systems improved better than before and what distinguishes this card It supports 2k and 4k graphics compatibly.


  • Support 2k on Ultra.
  • Enhancement clock speed.


  • Price
  • There is no significant development compared to the release of the GTX 1080



  • 2070 rtx card has received a good rating compared to the previous versions of the GTX series.
  • The number of Battlefield 1 game frames reached more than 127 frames compared to the GTX 1080 version which reached 105 frames per second.
  • In heavy games GTX 1080 card outperformed the 2070 rtx card reaching 160 frames per second compared to 140 frames for the RTX 2070 card.
  • In the PUBG game the 1080 card outperformed by 89 frames compared to the 2070 RTX which ranged between 78 and 85 at the beginning of the game’s landing.
  • The 2070 card outperforms all GTX versions in the PUBG game when landing on the ground as some graphics that did not appear in the GTX cards appeared.

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