3080 dell desktop micro: full specs

3080 dell desktop

3080 dell desktop : full specs

We talked previously about Dell tower pc’s and how this pc can save a lot of money when you owns it , and it’s good idea today to focus on 3080 dell desktop and why this pc will catch the markets for a money years with its small size and its numerous specification so let’s keep our eyes on these type of devices.

In past , you are required to put your pc beside your screen and by determining big place for it you will lose many of spaces on your table because traditional pc comes with margins not fewer that 30 inches for depth or annoying height that will cause annoy for you.

But in these days owining small pc’c became easily that you imagine because you will get the actually tower pc’c performance , and 3080 dell desktop considered as a one of pc’c that will satisify your choice for long time.

Okay , some of us prefers to own laptop’s as a alternatives but laptops are deferent technology and has it’s fans , but we talk about exactly about very cute and small desktop that can give you many factors comparing tower pc or any other technologies like laptops.

We sold some of devices such 3080 dell desktop but with defferent brands , but now we started to think why dont we use famous brand micro pc’s to sell in the markets , and our choice for this article was talking about 3080 dell desktop.

We will make the explaining for this pc simple as possible because some of us still doesn’t know what the best choice for owning pc’s in upcoming days , many of us go through upgrading and this is solution sometimes but it doesn’t allow you to use new apps such huge games or big workstation environments.


Dell OptiPlex 3080 for business using

Owning 3080 dell desktop from optiplex not a humble or simple performance matter , because you will get 10th Generation core I5 from intell which will then surprise you by long time!!.

You will get 6 cores with 12 threads for complicated processors which put you in good situation while use this pc in front of meeting rooms and many people , and don’t forget that intel developed their processors with reverse engineering which in terms gives you unbeleivable performance even on stress time of use.

And by SSD with M2 or NVMe technology you will catch high quality for transferring data such runtime and copying and migration conditions , which put this pc as a miracle in this period.

May be this is not a good point for 256 GB SSD only , but it is worth to buy because NVMe technology still unknown for many in this time , it is difer also with device architicture and ports because there are defferrent port such M.2 has installed inside your motherboard.

The second feature that you will get by owning 3080 dell desktop is integrated Built-in WIFI , this pc contains Built-in WIFI card in its mainboard and that will prevent you from putting an extra WIFI adapters from outsize which means you will keep your outside ports for other peripherals.

When you see the front face of 3080 dell desktop you will find power button and audio plugins female and two USB 3 , and it’s also proudly Dell logo with the same pattern of desingning.

By looking for the rear from this device you will find Ethernet card and you will see four USB slots two are spacialized for 3th generation and others for typical use , and you will also see displya port and HDMI port for your screens that means you can plug two screens with built-in VGA card that provided from Intel.

3080 dell desktop considered as a one of micro pc’c to meet your business needs , this pc has launched in may 2021 and still doesn’t unknown yet because its dimensions and it is performance are not familiar for people who are always looking for better.You can use this pc for meeting and conference purposes also you can use it for your company or even for your home because it saves areas to put in everywhere with it’s small size.


You may wonering why CPU speed is only 2.3 GH but don’t forget you are dealing with turbo boost technology that can reaches to 3.5 GH per second , no to mention that you will have 6 cores for proccess purposes.

Let’s talk a bit about product dimensions that is considered the strong weapon for owning 3080 dell desktop , this cute pc has only 7 inches width with other 7 inches only for depth and just 1.4 inches for height.

This is the main factor of having 3080 dell desktop it is so small and simple and cute pc with server specs , we must highlights this pc over the world because it is the next generation for pc’s.

No worries about owning this pc because you will be up to date from windows 10 pro and other dell software extras , and with my old expeirence of using much of pc’s , dell brand is considered the best with multi points and most important one is getting drivers easily and compitability with all versions of os.

In other side it is so rarely to causes problems or malfunctions and you may not use even its warranty when you own one of these great devices unlike HP products which will coast you more many despite it has been considered best devices in USA.

Regarding of amazon purchase you will get independent wired keyboard and mouse from dell through buying 3080 dell desktop and this is considered good point from DELL purchasing in my opinion.

There are several objective once you decided to buy 3080 dell desktop , you will be able to use this device as a additional device beside your TV screen , or you can depends on it by linking this cute piece in your meetings room , or you can buy bulk of these pc’c for your company from A to Z.

There is nothing to do more about 3080 dell desktop in our article for today but I think it worths to buy because it is new generation from pc and it is still unknown yet!!.

Grow with your business and don’t be hesitate to spend more with arising your job quality and your efficiency , let people see that you have great equipments for your company!!.


  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • Free Mouse&Keyboard from Dell.
  • Free up to date windows 10 pro.


  • Extras are wired.
  • Ram only 8GB and you may upgrade it in future.



  • It is good idea to change our mintility about micro pc’c because it has been developed nightly.
  • You still looking for what are the best technology for your work , I think you can save a lot of time and spending by looking for quality of material.

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