asus laptop l210 : very cheap to buy in 2022

asus laptop l210

ASUS laptop l210 : very cheap to buy in 2022

ASUS laptop l210 is a good deal if you want to save a lot of money in order to get a good performance and we know very well that in the past laptops were very expensive before they were bought because they were not known and spread in this way.

But now after the unveiling of the technology of computers many of us have either a portable device or a desktop computer that helps him to perform his tasks or perhaps some of us take it as a means of entertainment such as gamers and professional motherboards.

Well in this article we will provide an overview and general review of the ASUS laptop l210 and its specifications and we will mention the advantages and disadvantages so that you decide whether you want to buy one of the famous ASUS laptops or not but let me talk a little about ASUS.


 Asus History

ASUS is the leading manufacturer of electronics and semiconductors and it is a Taiwanese company that manufactures processor boards for all kinds of computers such as tablets laptops servers and some network equipment.

ASUS was founded in April 1989 and has been widely known in the field of technology and It also owns a group of silicon factories in Taiwan Mexico and also in the Czech Republic but keep in mind that ASUS did not produce computers in an absolute and clear way as it was always behind the scenes of technology and its most important products are the processing boards for many computers and some displays and peripherals.

From 2018 a brand of computers was officially produced by the company as the markets were filled with laptops and desktops bearing the ASUS brand for consumers Also ASUS controls 40% of the market share in motherboard production and its motherboards are characterized by strong and durable build quality that has become long-lasting and is known for its long-life architecture.

Asus has been nominated to be the best commercial company to manufacture processor supplies and the reason for this is that it has the strongest technical research team that enabled it to impose its control on the market through special additions and technologies to support motherboards such as maintaining optimal power while working on the computer for long periods.

Asrock motherboard was another offshoot of ASUS products but it lacked many features and had poor user quality which hurt the ASUS brand  But the company rectified the matter after that and produced processing boards directly under the management of ASUS developers which led to the improvement of its sales in the market because of the manufacturing quality that supported those boards.


ASUS laptop l210 Intel Celeron

The best thing you can find in portable devices is the small size and if you are a fan of portable laptop size the Asus Laptop L210 will undoubtedly suit you , Asus laptop l210 is the best seller on Amazon as it has an 11.6-inch screen that works with LED technology and you will also get a copy of Windows 10 activated for life.

Also The best thing that this computer offers is the reasonable price which is affordable for everyone compared to the prices of other devices and from my point of view the best thing that will push me to buy it is the ASUS brand which has gained my great confidence in all its products.

There is a good advantage that you will get when buying a computer such as the ASUS laptop l210 which is the battery life during work as there are not a lot of energy expenses due to the small screen size and the small size of the pieces inside, so you will keep using it for as long as possible during the day without charging the battery.

And what I want to say now with all transparency if you do not have the slightest problem with Intel Celeron processors then this computer is your first choice as it contains an Intel N4020 processor with two cores the speed of each core reaches 2.80 GHz against a cache size of 4 MB.

As for the amount of RAM ASUS laptop l210 has a memory of up to 4 GB and what impressed me the most is the reliance of ASUS on eMMC storage media which is superior to the SSD in terms of performance and this computer is available with a storage space of up to 64 GB with eMMC technology.

Well I know that the storage memory did not suit you at all so there is nothing wrong with that because ASUS provided you in its computer with an additional storage media port that allows you to update and increase the memory size up to 500 GB via nvme SSD.

Regarding weight This Asus L210 laptop weighs 1 kg and has a durable and reinforced plastic that provides good protection for the contents and the internal parts of this computer this computer may be a good choice for children.

Keep in mind The best feature of the TN screen in this portable device is the possibility of folding and bending by 180 degrees which works to provide protection against breakage especially when children use this type of device.

Despite the small size of the ASUS laptop l210 but it provides you with more widely used inputs and you can also connect it to a large HDMI screen. I personally like that idea when I want the display size seems suitable for my work.

In terms of data transfer you can connect an external data medium in your ASUS l210 laptop using the type-c port which you will need quite often to transfer data to and from external storage devices.

Asus laptop l210 was launched to suit simple business and it is a computer characterized by its small size which reaches only 11 inches and is characterized by a battery capacity that reaches more than 12 hours of use and the reason for this is due to the mini and energy-saving technology.



  • Battery Life Capacity.
  • Upgradable Storage Via nvme SSD.
  • Speed startup by Emmc storage.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not suitable for gaming.
  • Low storage space only 64 GB.

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