10 best laptops in 2022

best laptops in 2022
best laptops in 2022

Many of us feel the need to have a strong and durable laptop that keeps pace with developments in software where some old devices have limited capabilities when running heavy programs and when this happens, the temperature of the device starts to rise and problems begin to appear and many are getting upset about that and for this we will introduce some portable computers Which will let you decide if you want to buy.

Perhaps some want to know the reason for the slowness of old devices or even computers from two years ago and the reason is simple, Let us think about that and give an example of Windows updates which make computers very slow even if we assume that a software library in Windows had a million lines and Windows updated it to become a million Two hundred thousand lines will cause the processor to overheat.

Compare that to other programs such as AutoCAD updates which lead to the emergence of weaknesses in old processors , simply Google Chrome updates which every 6 months increase the C++ language lines inside thus increasing the use of temporary memory space and increasing the temperature of the device as well.

I’m just mentioning the reasons for the need to update hardware from technical and software theory which all programmers and cool hobbyists who love these articles want so that I too am having fun writing this article for you especially when I mentioned C++ .

All of these are reasons that lead to weak devices over time not because the device is really weak but because software companies double the lines of code in their programs but do not worry about that because there are computer companies that double the transistor of private devices to keep pace with this development and today I am mentioning the 10 best laptops in 2022 that may help you buy them when you know the new features that you have recently arrived.


Why Amazon are the best way to buy BEST LAPTOPS IN 2022?

  • Competitive prices.
  • Quality of services.
  • Diversity of choices.


HP Stream 14-Inch Laptop

HP Stream 14-Inch Laptop with Celeron N4000 Processor but In fact I read well about this device and found it very suitable for university students who want good features with a mediocre processor and In the past Celeron processors were miserable with poor quality cache but now they have The performance improved slightly after it reached the 28th place in performance among the best processors.

Microsoft has evolved from the past and is extending support for Celeron processors despite their cheap prices  Therefore N4000 processor has a cache memory of 4 MB and also contains two cores with 2 processing threads.

From my personal opinion this device is suitable for girls because its color is beautiful but it is not for gamers or even for owners of very heavy programs and You may be able to work in some simple software if you are a programmer and you may be able to create modest YouTube content as well So please Do not underestimate that in the HP Stream computer because it is as much that.

HP Stream 14-Inch Laptop (2019 Release date) is the best laptops in 2022 in terms of price and design and it is one of the pride of HP industries with a famous design since the past and I encourage you if you want a laptop for your studying this device may looks good deal.


  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Win 10 Home.


  • Intel Celeron.
  • Intel HD low-end GPU.


HP 15 Laptop 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7

With 15s-dr3500TX laptop you will be able to enjoy the advantages of Intel Iris XE which is the graphics engine that is awaited by sharp competition in the display card markets not to mention the capacity of the eleventh generation Core-i5 processor and the advantages of SSD storage that will really make you feel high performance , 15s-dr3500TX also has an elegant design from HP which was distinguished by its large sales volume with a screen with Backlit Anti-Glare technology that will keep your eyes healthy for as long as possible if you are a long time Internet enthusiast.

This computer supports DDR4 with a capacity of 8 GB and an incredible speed of up to 2666 MHz and I think that this is all that a content manager or graphic designer wants these days and it is said that its sound system is good with two HDMI speakers Perhaps its price is not small but it is also not much compared to the specifications that we mentioned earlier.

15s-dr3500TX laptop was proudly released by HP and has features that will qualify it to be one of the 10 best laptops in 2022 ,  There is no information on the date of its release but it is likely that it was in September 2021 which is still very new and this laptop has an SSD storage disk equivalent to 250 GB to be revealed Its high performance is good.


  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Win 10 Home Basic.
  • New Intel CPU & GPU.
  • Can be considered as best laptops in 2022.


  • Windows 10 h20 bugs.



Did you know that most websites talk about slow copies of Windows 10 and some laptops faces the same issue such as the Start menu and a sudden exit from the outlook when entering Windows 10 in local corporate domain and after a long search and personal experience I concluded the following:

  • Unfortunately have version 20H2 of windows 10 and you should update to version 21H1.
  • Update all your laptop drivers from up to ground.
  • Check your Active directory policy and keep your server up to date.
  • If you have 3d-party anti virus just turn off and try to login with.


Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 is a well-designed computer that provides you with a backlit keyboard with a transparent and accurate fingerprint in addition to the Ryzen processor from AMD and Acer Aspire 5 is one of the reputable computers from Acer where this category is categorized as the business category.

No to mention the 128 GB SSD storage disk through which the actual computer speed will appear without going through the 7200 RPM disks which are still advanced but will not provide the performance of the SSD multiplied by dozens of times.

Keep in mind that Acer Aspire 5 has a quad-core processor provided by AMD and AMD processors are more affordable compared to Intel so you can consider changing your computer architecture by buying a computer with an AMD processor.

I was afraid of using AMD processors in the past but after I tested the Ryzen 5 processor , I found that I saved a lot of money with good high performance to run heavy programs and games and more.

Aspire 5 was released on April 2019 and is a medium-performance laptop that contains 4GB of RAM and an AMD Ryzen 3 processor which saves a lot of time during use and if you are looking for a computer at a competitive price and high capabilities Acer Aspire 5 is a good deal.


  • Windows 10 Home in S mode.
  • Keyboard Backlight.
  • AMD Ryzen 3.


  • Limited Warranty.
  • SSD 128 GB only.
  • Can not be considered as best laptops in 2022.


ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 Thin and Light Laptop

ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 laptop is a little mid-to-high spec and has a Thin and Light design and if you only trust Intel processors and this option may suit you as it contains the 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor in addition to Iris XE graphics card from Microsoft which Its quality seems to be acceptable to good at times.

What distinguishes ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 laptop is that it has a stylish and durable design in addition to the storage space and I personally do not like 512 GB of storage space but if that space is with SSD technology I do not hesitate to get it even if it is little for professionals.

ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 laptop just as it is in the picture is gray in color and you may find it suitable for business more than entertainment with its fingerprint and 8 GB RAM and Perhaps there is something wrong with the ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 laptop which is that it falls due to its light weight but this is an issue that must be taken care of by the user and the rest of things will go well.

Asus has a strong history in the manufacture of computer parts and equipment but it has also evolved to include the manufacture of laptops and this is honestly good because when you buy the ASUS Vivo Book 15 F515 and you will buy a computer from a specialized company that has relied on itself to provide you with a set of artificial intelligence at the same time.


  • Windows 10 Home.
  • Great Design.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Can be considered as best laptops in 2022.


  • Low Battery Capacity.


HP 14 Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 5500U

The competition between HP and Acer devices has increased as the two of them rolled in inclusion of advanced AMD processors and this is the HP 14 Laptop , AMD Ryzen 5 5500U as one of the best laptops in 2022 and the most important question remains when everyone will be able to buy this wonderful device despite its slightly high price but it You will really deserve it.

My friend bought this computer and he really amazed me when he ran heavy graphics manufacturing programs like 3dMax and Adobe and its family in addition to running code editors that led him to work smoothly and perfection.

Thanks to its extremely powerful 6-core 12-thread AMD Ryzen 5 processor I was really impressed by the presence of this gigantic processor on a machine that looks very modest from the outside and I tell you frankly, AMD processors perform terribly while opening a lot of applications at once.

This may really make you feel that you are dealing with a network server and this is the truth and not only that reaching a speed of 4.0 GHz is a significant thing Imagine that some people are buying a 14-fq1021nr computer just for the processor and computer professionals might know this very well when they start being productive in a short time.

HP 14 Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 5500U which contains an AMD Ryzen 5 processor with a speed of up to 4 GHz, breaks the US market at a very cheap price and It consists of a beautiful and elegant design, its main color is silver, available through the Amazon market.


  • Windows 10 Home.
  • Great Design.
  • Great CPU & GPU architecture.
  • Can be considered as best laptops in 2022.


  • Storage are too small only 265 GB.


HP 14 Laptop AMD 3020e

This is the weaker version of the 14-fq1021nr which is suitable for everyone in terms of price but I do not want to compare it with the version that I mentioned earlier in the HP 14 Laptop and there is a clear difference with all the features and specifications without the difference in the device’s body and architecture.

What distinguishes this version of the 14-fq1021nr is the low price with the AMD 3020e processor which is in fact a low-performance processor and is only enough for browsing and watching videos only and may suit university students who run light Office programs.

Also The old AMD 3020e processor has two processing cores with two threads a processing speed of up to 2.6 GHz with a cache of up to 4 MB and despite it is old and not suitable for everyone, it belongs to the good 14nm architecture which limits its high temperature during use.

If you want a portable laptop at a very cheap price to manage your products in the store or groceries or to study on the web or use PowerPoint and word applications and others this computer is very good and I recommend it and maybe I will buy one of it after I finish writing this article.

14-fq1021nr has a cheap device like this one in the picture with some simple additions like 4GB RAM AMD 3020e processor with Windows 10 operating system and it is good for those who do not have a deep specialization in computer science and who just want to browse fast and use video lectures and videos.


  • Windows 10 Home and Office 365.
  • Great Design.


  • Storage are too small only 265 GB.
  • Modest PC.
  • Can not be considered as best laptops in 2022.


HASUS Chromebook-Laptop- 11.6 inch

Some people love small laptops and if you are looking for an 11-inch size this width may suit you With ASUS Chromebook C202SA you have a modest but modern device despite the contradiction that it has a Celeron processor that consists of a speed equivalent to 1.6 GHz with two cores and two processing threads.

However I find it somewhat strange when Intel limits the development and expansion of this processor and its architecture although it allows doubling the number of transistors as it has reached the 14nm architecture.

In general it doesn’t matter, ASUS Chromebook C202SA laptop has a small size of 4 GB RAM with DDR3 architecture and it is a device specifically designed perhaps for children or women who want a portable device with affordable specifications.

ASUS Chromebook C202SA Small Computer 11 inch has a very powerful battery that lasts up to 10 hours which is a good number that you can count on but this is a small laptop so be aware of that before you buy.


  • Chrome OS with smooth widget.
  • 2 year warranty , 1 year for battery.
  • Long time battery use up to 10 hours.


  • Small laptop.
  • Can not be considered as best laptops in 2022.


2021 Newest HP 14″ HD Laptop Light-Weight

There is a new range from HP that has many additions and I will mention the highest category of it which is also available in many colors including black silver and white Indigo Blue Rose Gold which are distinctive colors from HP.

HP 14″ HD Laptop Light-Weight has an AMD 3020e processor which has a speed of 2.6 GHz and From my point of view I do not find this processor advanced but let’s go to the other features that may be worth this price.

This laptop contains 16 GB of RAM and two storage technologies one of which is SSD 512 GB and the other is considered basic and it is a new technology called eMMC to reach 64 GB and we will write an special article on eMMC storage media later.

This computer also contains a copy of Microsoft Office 365 a personal copy as well as a lifetime operating system Windows 10 and can be upgraded to Windows 11.

This device has an AMD 3020e processor and I personally have not tried it and did not find reliable reviews about it from outbound sources but let’s say that it is equivalent to Intel Celeron processors and Pentium processors from Intel.


  • 64GB eMMC.
  • 1 YEAR activated MS office 365.
  • Can be considered as best laptops in 2022.


  • 14″ Small screen.

I mentioned the best laptops in 2022 to buy in 2022 and you may find some old versions that were launched in 2021 or 2019 but they are still in constant demand by buyers in America and the production lines and stores are still working for these devices continuously.

Many of the devices that were mentioned are very good to buy if not all of them but maybe some of us ignore the price for the performance and maybe some do not want to buy a weak device or have a professional in using computers that are not suitable for low-level devices.

All the previously mentioned laptops are eligible to order in 2022 and the reason for this is the very modern architecture in addition to the eMMC and SSD technology without which you will not get a good performance.

  • Laptops are a technology that has not and will not disappear and will remain forever even if there are mobile phones and only professionals know what I mean.
  • All computers mentioned are guaranteed for at least one year.
  • The world of the Internet will not work well without computers and servers and this is a fact that must be realized by those who want to make people’s minds ignorant.
  • Your knowledge of computer architecture is half the world and owning a computer is the other half.
  • Thank you for reading all the article to get here and I wish you further progress and success.


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