dell tower 7020 : full specs

dell tower 7020

Dell tower 7020 : full specs

Looking for good PC is a matter that keeps your eyes on daily update in technologies , and even if you have good vision in your business but it’s good idea also to have intuitive thinking and future planning for what you are going to have tommorow and why.

Many of people goes untill extreme fanaticism if you ask them what good pc do plan to own after two years , and some of those people favor specific brand rather others without take it easy in their mind , and may be there are a good memories for owning a brand for too years without any mistakes or problems.

Today we will focus and keep our eyes on best cheap pc for 2022 which is dell tower 7020 and if you not deal with this brand before , you may face difficulty of conviction why this pc deserve to be the best for your business job or gaming activitis or even streaming!!, yeah streaming is the best way today for several activities which helps people growing step by step in their business.

In recent years, the use of computers has increased due to bad conditions that have led some people to look for alternatives and other ways to save extra monthly money just to close their loans and money obligations.

One of these ways is owning spacial business that acheave commisions or E-commerce or any related field of ideas , look for people who owns youtube channels you will notice that they depend daily on monthly revenues and income from google.

Look to the designers , they can do more than 10 pictures just for one day and sell its skills for others through marketing and shop society , all of these activitis need to great and strong platform by depending of owning good cameras and pc’s and audio tools.

Welcome to my humble article , and today I will promote for amazon product and my targeted product for today is dell tower 7020 , this pc attracted me so much and I want to share you all my experience of pc’s by explaining this pc in moments.


Dell tower 7020 (Renewed) pros and cons

Before I start talking about dell tower 7020 I will tell you a secret that if you bought this pc you can return refund and replace this product during 90 days , I just advice you with my idea and it’s up to you to decide if you want to buy or not.

Owning one of Intel I7 CPU is good way for everything , we can’t expect one of us has owned a Core family from Intel then after two weeks he changed his opinion and decided to dispose its products.

This is main factor of why Intel are found today , and when you get dell tower 7020 you will have 22nm tech and despite that’s an old technology but this piece of intel generation has good stability on stress time and multiple tasks much than 7 or 8 generation.

Because Intel will not skimp on this product in terms of speed and number of real not virtual cores and even with cache memory , you will get four clean cores with 8 threads that will generate amazing speed with turbos that reaches 3.90 Ghz.

And versus what? Only versus a few dollars!!! I don’t want to be a crook and a liar to push you to buy this computer but I still encourage you to figure out the best way to get a nice heavy computer and our pc today deserve that , believe me!!.

Dell tower 7020 is one of famous pc’s on the markets that rached thousand of companies over the world because competitve prices and warranties and other reason that make it better than any others.
It manufactored in 2019 that is mean this pc is not new but it worths this value definitely.


You know? , any 10th generation of pc will push you to double the price just for own its without any extras , I forgot that Official keyboard and mouse you will get when you buy dell tower 7020.

One important thing that you will touch when owning dell tower 7020 is capacity of RAM in terms you will get upgraded dell with 32 GB of RAM , unbelievable!!! , you will get 32 GB of ram with DDR3 without any need to upgrade in future.

We will come now to describe Optiplex design that is considered strong point for Dell designing , In front of pc you will get a multi curve smooth design with mixed colors between grey and black degrees.

Also you will find our heart logo DELL appears on front as usually and some of USB ports that reach up to 4 USB ports , that allows you to plug several of peripherals such phone charger and Flash memory and other.

You will get 512 GB SSD technology and Built-in WIFI!!!, keep in mind when you buy a brand devices in most cases you will get build-in WIFI that what you wil not get in any of other professional motherboards.

Considering of size you will notice that dell tower 7020 is very thin in terms you will only have 3.66 inches for width and approximately 13 pounds of wight and we could say that is what distinguish Optiplex pc’s.

of my expeirince for using these pc’s I noticed you wouldn’t suffering with get any of drivers or updates from dell help center because dell tower 7020 has easy ways to install and upgrade drivers and is this point this pc outperforms other brands such HP or acer.



  • Renewed PC.
  • Free Mouse&Keyboard
  • 32 GB of RAM.
  • Free windows 10 image.


  • 4th generation is an old technology.
  • Doesn’t have a separate Graphics card , you may install one futurely.



  • There are many upgrades has been done on dell tower 7020 such doubled RAM and Upgraded WIN 10 which saved time and money for you in future.
  • It is a good idea to just buy one piece for this PC and you will actually get a gaming PC with the brand’s flavor, this piece is an NVIDIA card, trust my words, you will get unreal performance with factory hardware because everything is distributed effectively without any interference from you.
  • DELL is more than performance , it also has great designs for their pc’s and laptops.

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