programming notes : Most 5 things you should know about

programming notes


Programming notes

Skills are on the rise and markets are getting tougher what you used to know is now worthless It really is a technical epic ,
It is an experience that we will share with you in this article To assess how well we understand what programming is and when certain things should and should not be done.


Dear visitor :  Upcoming story may be true and may be a figment of the imagination and has nothing to do with the owners of



My name is James and my story started when I was 23 years old and my attitudes were completely different from this field where I mastered work in the field of music this was my favorite hobby and I was making some money.

I have a university degree in economics and have experience in securities and I have a constant diversity in my personality that made me go into several areas without settling in one particular field ,maybe it’s a wrong problem to keep wandering between areas of work and maybe I’m wrong and not right but maybe I’m talented I learn fast which sometimes makes me bored and pushes me to learn other things.

As I told you, I am a person of constant tension, and sometimes I feel a personality disorder, and I do not know why, and I have many logical contradictions, which may be a success for some programmers who have these combined qualities.

I always keep track of my money in most of my programs and applications that I develop , my head is always spinning around money for fear of the loss I had earlier in my life experience and I give you the details of my life so you know how my life was turned upside down when I became a professional musician, programmer and also a financial manager.


I had a big loss in 2014 when my music store was robbed and all the money I had went to a landfill , It was a very big shock at a young age, when I was only twenty-three years old , Imagine that with me, you have a widespread market in creating parties and selling musical pieces and a cursed thief comes to steal everything you own in one night.

What is the solution and what should I do after this tragedy? Really, what a tragedy, and I thank God that I miraculously survived it without going crazy , and all my bank accounts were restricted due to periods of accumulated debt that I could not repay, and the bank at that time took about $20,000 which were my secret emergency account.


And not only that, even my wife, Mary, left me alone because the government and the banks chased after my house, my car and some cargo trucks that I had , even my mum and dad are both left me alone What a hard story to write with my eyes welling up with tears.

Then I called my friend John who was working in Toronto with a lumber shipping company and I told him I was in trouble and needed your help and told him my whole story , then he sent to New York a truck loaded with timber, I hid inside , and took me to Toronto for a trip of more than four days while I lay on the timber and its strong smell.

What hard and painful nights without food and medicine I even in these circumstances had only three dollars in my pocket.

After I arrived Toronto I saw a different life and a new system and rules and I thanked my friend John who saved me from the most difficult situation that happened to me at a young age , and he took me to the village of Alexandra Park, close to the city where he was staying.


My friend John offered me a job in his timber company for a decent amount and he taught me to drive a forklift to load timbers and put it into the trucks and it was a tough job because it’s dangerous , at that time, I had no other alternatives to turn down this offer, and I immediately accepted it and started working with all my energy.

It was almost 9 hours of hard work every day to raise money and start my own project , also driving forklifts is very dangerous and sometimes you can’t control it causing the pile to fall and it happened to me when the timber fell next to me breaking my left hand to sit idle for three months.


During my sick leave, my friend John told me about the IT vacancy in computer department in the wood company as well and told me to start reading some technical support topics , then I began studying network science in Microsoft systems during my vacation to master Microsoft networking courses in record time.

Indeed, I was transferred to computer department and took over technical support for same of timber company, which had more than 500 employees, and during that period I acquired a lot of skills that I did not know about before.

My skills in Microsoft systems have greatly developed, and I have received some tasks in company’s databases, and I started receiving some SQL tasks and I really liked it and I mastered the use of crystal report tools, the production and drafting of reports again, and the modification of the results of data fetching.

My powers were limited in the computer department due to the occurrence of many problems that I moved away from and moved forward and left my work to start studying programming languages ​​in detail.

I saved an amount of money that allowed me after I left the lumber company and stayed with my friend John as I did not have enough money to buy an apartment and I will show you in two years of continuing education what my current experience is in programming

In 2019 my experience became:

  • Full stack developer phpMyadmin , CSS , JavaScript , HTML.
  • Java developer using eclipse.
  • C++ developer for unreal engine.
  • C# developer for unity Engine.
  • Android developer.


My beginning in free programming was the best decision after I faced great difficulty in various fields of work, and despite the harshness of learning programming at the beginning, it is considered one of the best professions that will be followed by individual success and freelancing in future.

I am now the owner of a giant software company in Toronto having hired more than 60 professional graphic designers after paying off all my debts to New York City banks , this is my story that I wanted to share with you through this TV interview It is a pleasure to be with you in this wonderful program.


We have mentioned the story of James, who was exposed to several difficult situations in his life and police pursuits after he lost all his possessions in New York City after he owned a music equipment company.

As James mentioned in his story, the science of programming is really tough, but most programmers succeed because they have gone through several harsh obstacles in the past that make them have the patience to achieve passive income in their lives and in this article we will mention the 5 most important things that you must know when starting in programming languages.



Having basic skills is an important thing in programming languages ​​because they are similar in functions , so when you master the basics of programming, you will be able to solve all problems that you may face in future, and because programming languages ​​follow the development of Unary Machine Language, all functions and principles are very similar.

Learning the basics does not take much time, it just needs patience and determination to achieve the required level.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



Learn from James when he sat for 3 years in his house to practice his programming work on his computer despite the difficult circumstances he went through , practicing is one of the most important things that you will need when you master a programming language, as some programmers sometimes sit for two days without getting bored in front of a black screen to reach the result of running their programs.

And this is the reality of programming languages, boring black screens, then graphics, then a beautiful data screen, and if you train your mind like this, you will not find it difficult to solve the obstacles in your code.



  • Spotting and track up on errors.
  • Noticeable improvement in performance.
  • Raising awareness of how compilers work.

Therefore, practice can be considered as a prerequisite for mastering programming languages.


3.Specific field

With a focus on a specific field of ​​programming, you will be able to understand all fields later on , but when you switch between programming languages, the education period may be prolonged without reaching the top in various fields.

Hence the benefit of persistence and not paying attention to the cover of other books because you will be distracted a lot and at this point you have to be a little better than James because he was contradictory and hasty.

Focusing on the goal without paying attention to beautiful world is necessary because paying attention to temptations often lose their beauty quickly , we will explain most important things to focus on goal by:

  • Always listen to motivational lectures.
  • Ignore the sick souls who degrade your resolve.
  • Not revealing your technical secrets and what you want to do in future.


4.The pain

Let’s all do as James did when he went through a lot of pain after losing all his fortune in New York and then quickly exceeded that period and returned to doors of success , pain always strengthens the self to restore the path to success without making mistakes.

This applies to bodybuilders, as they have to suffer in order for their muscles to look beautiful, as well as programming. You have to face the pain while trying to understand algorithms and produce great software.



Time is the most important thing we have in this life and in order to start your first steps in success, you must respect time and no need to go out with friends every day and no need to spend a lot of money on worthless things.

Some people in old age feel a lot of regret when they think in vain about the time in their life that has passed without any achievements , We advise you to invest your time so that you do not regret at a later age for what wasted your time.

We wonder at people who waste their day on useless TV, videos, and magazines, do they really have enough money to do all these things? , Therefore, you are the first and last responsible for your time and how you organize it in a consistent manner.



Continuity is an important principle for success of any project in all fields, not just software even other fields for example It took Beethoven more than 15 years to produce classical music that is now demanded by millions, and success cycle of any idea would take at least 15 years to gain high popularity.

Continuity and perseverance both lead to success, and this is what you will have after continuing to learn and understand programming well and we’ve seen many people switching between programming languages ​​sometimes here and sometimes there to get nothing done so we warn you not to fall into these labyrinths.

How to start?

We still have the most important question, how do we start learn programming since James did not tell us well how he started in this field but most languages,
as we mentioned earlier, share the same functions and are divided under other names.


For example, if you want to program in operating systems development, graphics, or even network sciences, we advise you to start in C++ because it helps you understand machine language and if you want to study web science and web development, we recommend PHP because it will provide you with an integrated environment of support, which will then need to learn HTML and JavaScript.


If you want to work in building mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices, for example, we advise you to start learning Java, Flutter and C Objective , the most important question remains, how long will it take me to learn?

you can find this website well to learn programming.


The estimated time to master the basics for beginners is three months, during which they will learn to run simple programs, and the novice will modify some values ​​within the code to be able to distinguish logic this depends on the person and their previous backgrounds in perceiving and it may take some for a period of no less than six months.



We have explained the most important skills that any programmer must possess before starting in this field we also mentioned the story of James, who fought the failure that befell him in New York, which made him flee to Toronto and start her life and achieve success again.


  • Working in programming is not really easy and requires a lot of time as well as determination and perseverance.
  • Don’t copy programmers’ strategies, adopt your own.
  • Make your first goal to be education, not making money, the money will come later.
  • Don’t get discouraged, there are many programmers who are waiting for their chance yet, and it hasn’t come yet.
  • Programming is a very broad and different science and field.
  • There is nothing better than sitting in front of a computer for programmers.
  • Do not wait for a visit from your programmer friend, he will not come to you at all except when urgent.
  • Programmers are one of the reasons for the technical development we live in, so always appreciate them and don’t get upset with them.
  • It will take 5 years to produce intelligent software.
  • When you become a great programmer, stay humble and don’t become notorious and don’t become cocky.


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