Ryzen 7 unlocked full review

Ryzen 7 unlocked

Ryzen 7 unlocked full review

The presence of a processor such as Ryzen 7 unlocked means that there are many processor threads and cores and this fully applies to powerful processors from Ryzen such as the seventh series which is still receiving great interest from consumers due to the low prices of Ryzen in exchange for providing high quality to the consumer that will work On heavy programs and huge games.

In terms of comparison between Intel and AMD both are successful companies and offer high quality to all potential customers in the computer market but do not forget that AMD processors are originally clones of the old Intel processors which resulted in the Am9080 processor and received a lot of attention.

In this article I will mention the full details about the Ryzen 7 unlocked processor and I know that everyone loves this category of processors because he tried it on his computer and noticed a powerful performance, or perhaps he heard from his friend about this family of ADM processors and the goal of this article is to give a complete picture of the processor Ryzen 7 unlocked and not your payment to buy this processor.


AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Unlocked processor

Ryzen 7 unlocked processors are of the ZEN 3 category which provide a unique user experience with their performance Ryzen processors began to dominate the market more than 5 years ago after they incorporated ZEN 3 technology which led them to beat Intel in some technical advantages.

The main reason behind the emergence of Ryzen 7 unlocked is the need for a powerful processor that greatly supports the operation of games as it contains 8 cores against 16 threads which put Intel in an embarrassing situation in front of gamers geeks.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X supports a lot of improvements from ZEN 3 and this was helped by the 7nm technology that allowed AMD to reverse engineer this processor from the inside with high efficiency on energy consumption versus the partial geometry of each core.

Ryzen 7 unlocked supports gaming-specific processing and excels in arithmetic and logic operations It contains two processing threads per core and the number of cores is up to 8 for a maximum speed of 3800MHz.

Ryzen 7 unlocked processor has an L3 memory of up to 32 MB in addition to a TDP of 105 watts As for the random access memory this processor accepts the installation of RAM with a transfer speed of up to 3200 MHz and the speed of the RAM can be increased to reach more than that.

Ryzen 7 unlocked processor was launched on June 2019 and it is a processor dedicated to running games and has many qualities that make it one of the best AMD processors due to its 7 nm technology and its 8 cores and 16 threads making it one of the best processors in 2019 and 2020.


The best feature of Ryzen processors is the ability to overclock because the security lock is separated and this provides you with a unique experience in these processors and the Ryzen 7 unlocked processor provides you with overclocking at high frequencies that achieve the best performance in playing games at the highest frames.

This processor is ranked between the 5600X and 5900X processors in terms of performance and is similar to each other in the examination evaluation and overclocking processes so we cannot know the best stability obtained by the Ryzen 7 unlocked processor because it is very similar to the 5900X processor but the 5900X is superior in terms of processing core numbers.

Despite the power of the Ryzen 7 unlocked processor Intel launched a very powerful processor in terms of performance Intel Core I7 11700k which has a maximum speed of 5000 MHz with the possibility of overclocking for professionals.

Despite the great similarity in the specifications between the Ryzen 7 unlocked and the Intel processor Ryzen achieved stability in market prices for consumers through a price that remained constant without speculation.



  • Affordable Price.
  • Unlocked processor which high speed.
  • High L2 & L3 Cache memory.


  • 5900x beats it for just $100 more.



The Ryzen 7 unlocked processor was tested with 32GB of Crucial Ballistics RAM up to 3600MHz and an NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics card with 750W Power Supply from Antic’s and Ryzen 7 unlocked processor was installed on the MSI X570 motherboard and the results are as follows :

  • Ryzen 7 unlocked processor outperformed Intel 11700K and 10900K processors in single processing.
  • Ryzen 7 unlocked processor outperforms the Intel 10900K processor in the Fishy Cat test and approaches the 11700k’s ​​performance by a narrow margin.
  • As for the UNIGINE test AMD 5800X processor achieved a clear superiority over the Intel 10900K and 11700k processors as well as the 3800XT processor in terms of display accuracy test.



Ryzen 7 unlocked provides you with cheap motherboard prices due to the 7nm technology which does not require much power unlike Intel processors which are still working with 14nm technology until the end of 2021.

Ryzen processors are characterized by allocating resources only to run heavy games and this has led to the presence of many fans who want a unique experience for professional computers , The Ryzen 7 unlocked was from the ZEN 3 family which everyone wanted while dealing with complex graphics.

Also this processor is one of the best Amazon purchase options which provides you with good ratings and reviews from previous users.

In my opinion finding a Ryzen 7 unlocked processor is a good deal if you love playing large and heavy games and the reason for this is that the architecture of this processor suits large displays and high resolutions in addition to the superior mono processing by ADM which will provide you with a very good atmosphere while displaying complex graphics and polygons.

As for the processor speed Ryzen 7 unlocked will provide you with superior data processing due to the large number of cores which reaches 8 cores against 16 processing threads which means focusing on multi-processing queues and reverse engineering in processing.

In terms of reviews AMD processors always get the best selling products in most electronic stores because of their good reputation which has been widely known with ZEN technology.

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