Skytech Chronos with GTX 1660 : full specs

Skytech Chronos

Skytech Chronos with GTX 1660 : full specs

Many of us dream of owning a gaming computer like Skytech Chronos, or at least a computer that is able to leave you a beautiful day in using it, and gaming addiction is an endless story that is increasing day by day. I have a dream island for everyone who aspires to run the most beautiful programs, games and produce content.

Computer games flourished in the period after the year 2000 and became improving day by day, and this was demonstrated by the superior design of polygons, natural terrain and characters, and this required two things:

  • A computer with high specifications and rare in the market, which is intended for content production and is needed by developers.
  • Another less efficient computer, but it is capable of professionally managing video memory and broadcasting content in a terrifying and high-performance way.

As a content provider, I want to tell you that I have lived through both experiences, which is that I was a junior developer in a software company and I was helping them produce content for smartphones, and I am now just like you looking for a computer that suits my experience in the field of graphics.


In fact, the Skytech Chronos computer provided me with a rich experience in the field of graphics, whether in terms of development or even in terms of using it to run heavy games, and the reason for this was that the manufacturer knew very well what I wanted in this computer and gave it to me on a plate of gold.

Money is a big problem for many, but I am not rich to buy cheap goods, as I am very poor and want merchandise that will last for me and for my use for a long period of time, perhaps up to more than 5 years, and this is the truth.

Thank you for reading this introduction from my humble website. I would like to present a presentation and a quick overview that may fit your needs that you are looking for, and I will try to let you get out of this article with a smile in both cases, whether you purchase or not, your satisfaction is my goal in all cases.


Skytech Chronos Specs and review

AMD processors shine again in the Skytech Chronos computer, and not only that, but the graphics processing giant Nvidia is also available in different sizes in this computer, but we will talk about the least possible additions in terms of price and efficiency, and this does not mean that the least additions are not good, but perhaps the least additions will enable me Skytech Chronos is intended to be used as a server or gaming platform for more than 20 people per day!!.

When you open the box, you will find inside many attachments that will save you some money, and most importantly, you will find a keyboard designed specifically for games from Skytech, and you will also find a beautifully designed mouse to maintain a uniform shape on the desktop.

Gently extract the computer from the cover to avoid it falling to the ground, but do not worry about that because it is well insulated from the sides with pieces of cardboard and polyester to keep it from shocks and sudden falls during shipment.

You will like the way the Skytech company is packaged, where you will find an extra case inside, black color that covers the entire area of ​​Skytech Chronos, and it is designed from soft fabric, so take it off gently and you will see this giant in front of you. Congratulations for buying the best Amazon devices!!.

You will see in front of you a very simple case from the outside, just like Toyota Supra from the outside. It is very modest, but it is a terrifying hurricane on the roads of America!!.

In fact, the size of the Skytech Chronos computer from the outside is very small and not as you can see now on the picture, and the reason for this is to take advantage of the internal spaces outside and maintain an elegant appearance in front of producers and players.

Skytech Chronos computer, which was launched on October 2021 from the Skytech company specialized in assembling and designing professional computers, and it includes many packages, which vary in prices according to the user’s need, and it benefits users, developers, game owners and any purposes related to graphics processing.


As for the manufactured materials, it is made of black metal from the outside and from the top you will find the ventilation holes and this is a good and bad point of Skytech at the same time because it will pick up dust from the top, but also be careful not to put a cup of coffee or any liquid from the top for fear of water entering or spilling Inside This is a very important tip for you.

From the front, you will find an iron grille with a very beautiful LED lighting that contains the colors of the spectrum, which is also what they call RGB content writers, and you will also find the manufacturer’s logo from the top with well-designed and beautiful-looking edges.

On the left side, you will find a strong and transparent cover made of reinforced plastic, through which you will be able to see this beautiful electronic city from the inside, where you will notice the presence of all the computer details from the inside through this glass boat!!!.

As for the top, you will find the power button on the left side and then the power light that some other companies are trying to hide and I don’t know why!! , and you will also find buttons to control the type of interior and exterior lighting, which may provide you with more than 7 multiple colors.

As for the media, there is a microphone jack, an additional audio jack, and three USB ports, one of them is the third generation version.

For the left side of the computer when you buy it, you will need to remove the side cover in order to remove the insulation cushions from the inside. All you have to do is undo four easy-to-touch screws by hand to remove the cover and throw the airbag out.

It’s okay to take a look at the inside of the computer to find the way the Skytech Chronos was designed and was amazing in arranging all the pieces and isolating them well.

We now come to the cooling system, where this computer contains air cooling, which is two large fans from the front and one from the back, which has no sound and is not annoying in high temperatures, so you will also find a wonderful distribution of lighting on the fans in a way that makes you feel like you are in a city of games.

In terms of technical matters, the Chronos computer includes a power supply of up to 550 watts, according to the nature of daily use, and includes an NVIDIA GTX 1660 display card with a graphics processing memory of up to 6 GB.

In terms of RAM, it has 16 GB at a moderate and breakable transfer speed, where it operates in safe mode at a speed of 3200 MHz per second, and for storage space, the Skytech Chronos computer has a storage memory of up to 500 GB with SSD technology, and it also includes a built-in Wi-Fi card and a copy H120 version of Windows 10 under updates.



  • Lifetime Support.
  • Free Mouse&Keyboard from Skytech.
  • Heavy and professional design with multiple RGB Color.
  • Great Heatsink for cooling system.


  • Excessive ventilation holes expose the computer to the risk of dust, liquids and moisture.
  • Low storage space compared to the size of large games and design programs.



  • The Skytech Chronos computer is for design and heavy gaming purposes so be careful to pay such an amount if you don’t have enough experience with overclocking and graphics processing.
  • Skytech is a long-established company with long experience in assembling computers, and this computer has been the best seller on Amazon markets around the world.

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