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ubisoft games

ubisoft games : full review

Ubisoft is one of the best companies that offer PC, console and PlayStation games of all kinds. Ubisoft games are characterized by very impressive graphics, which affect players greatly, making them buy more electronic games. The reason for this is the open environment, which gives players the choice in the stages of the game. Some of its games are also characterized by some Puzzles and secrets during the gameplay that make each player sit for a long time in front of the computer trying to discover the charming environment.

Who among us does not know the game Far cry or even Assasin creed, the most beautiful games presented by Ubisoft. In fact, these games have a great credit for the fame of this company, as the idea of ​​the open world was modern and not known to many except some famous companies such as the American company Rockstar, owner of the famous GTA series and others from other games.


Ubisoft History

The founders of Ubisoft appeared in the eighties the Guilemot family, an old company famous for its support of farmers in britani county, The sons of that family were the ones who received the sale and profits for this family, as they were students who had not yet enrolled in universities. They were five sons, and their names were Christine, Claude Gerard, Yaffes and Michel.

These students were famous for their extensive experience in this field, but their attitudes were different at the university, where they studied computer science and produced accessories. They noticed in the eighties that buying computers in France was very expensive, but they were less expensive in Britain.

They received their support from their mother, who advised them to trade in computers and rely on profit from the price differences between France and Britain. All individuals agreed to share profits in the export and sale of computers between France and Britain, which brought them good fruits from the beginning.

These brothers were doing mail sales between the two countries, and the selling prices were competitive with other suppliers, where there was a difference equivalent to more than 40% in the prices, and this achieved good success for them, as their profits exceeded 5 million dollars in 1986.

After achieving a large share of sales in the early period of computers, these brothers decided to enter the field of video games, which lacked many physical equations at the time, which prompted them to establish Ubisoft Games in the same year, which was headquartered in Paris for the first time.

In that period, many programmers were hired to design a game engine that supports the production of video games, and it is now the special engine of Ubisoft, which has undergone many development processes to become what it is now.

In 1986, many video games were created by ubisoft games, the most famous of which were Zombie, Asphalt, and Trivial Pursuit, and these games achieved widespread popularity in the period when the computer lacked many of its characteristics, namely, the quality of the limited graphics and the modest capabilities.

The zombie game has achieved great success in the history of ubisoft games, as more than 5,000 copies were sold for computers to a number of countries, Germany, Spain, and France. Rayman, which had stunning graphics containing complex equations and was ahead of its generation of games, prompted Ubisoft Games to produce an integrated game studio that supports high-tech graphics.

The most important advantages of ubisoft games are that they contain super graphics that work on dilapidated and poorly-performed devices, and this was the reason for their support of most computers and peripherals dedicated to playing, which shed light on them in those periods.


Watch Dogs

One of the ubisoft games, it is an open world game that is very similar to the GTA game presented by Rockstar and is characterized by a separate identity from many open world games.

Watch Dogs game contains a fantasy 3D world that is superior in terms of graphics and is exclusive of the Ubisoft engine and has not undergone any external modifications in terms of design, and this game has been widely popular with fans of police games and chases.


Assassin Creed

One of the strongest ubisoft games series with an open world rural dating back to the events of the pre-Bronze Ages and the Middle Ages in the world and the game Assassin Creed has received millions of likes by players due to the transition between two different worlds through a test that the hero of the story always lives and tries to reshape the walk from new.

This game contains large and huge parts and has developed greatly because it was the shelter of ubisoft games, and it is also characterized by its long stories that the player does not get bored while living moment by moment.

This game has been the pride of the ubisoft games industry in terms of characters, graphics, dubbed sounds, the way the story is told in a surprising way at times, and it also features huge sound effects and cinematic music throughout.


Far Cry

Far Cry is one of the most famous ubisoft games as well. Its story generally revolves around a group of people who always go to remote islands to spend a happy holiday, and suddenly they discover that this island is a horror island and has different laws from the rest of the world.

The group is always subjected to displacement by the island’s soldiers, and some of them are killed without mercy, and then the hero of the story comes out to avenge his friends, half of whom died on that island.

This game is very similar to the graphics of Assissan Creed, but it differs in the contents of the nature and is characterized by the presence of very awesome graphics that attract the player to it while playing and discovering secrets in this large world.

Far Cry has gained a lot of attention since its first parts, and the best-selling part was Far Cry 3, which was greatly admired by PC, console, and PlayStation gamers.



  • The Guilemot family is a true success story in commerce and entrepreneurship. This company started in an agricultural field that was very far from technology but captured the market by selling audio CDs to the farmers who were working for them.
  • The idea of ​​ubisoft games was to provide video games that focus on different types of nature, and if you notice that, all the games of this company contain details of nature that you do not find in any other games, specifically forest areas, seas and rivers, which made it one of the best game companies that won many awards in creating Content.

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