mini pc beelink sei8 : full specs & review

We explained in other articles how mini pc’s becames the best way to grow your business by providing minisforum UM250 as a best solution for this porpose , But today we are seeing intel try to catch customers in the markets by producting mini pc beelink sei8 with good specs.

You will need at least one of these mini pc’s in your salon room home or in your office and that is why we should focus on these products , don’t forget that you may need increase your horizon by taking a look on why mini pc beelink sei8 or even UM250 is important in life generally.

Have you forgot how many people that you are create a meetings with ? , and because you can’t always hold an desktop pc above your shoulders in some times that is a big vision of owning small and micro pc with big quality and performance!!.

An other matter is when you sit everyday on your salon room at your home , you usually sit in front of tv and watching things that is not trustly available in your small mobile screen , you may also open browser on big screen without link it with laptops or phones , by getting mini pc beelink sei8 you will acheive this matter easilly and keep that device beside your screen with smooth and very small size to save big place for your big desktop pc!!.

So what is the features that beelink sei8 distenguish it self to others ? , and why is your daily work time needs one of these good parts and devices from INTEL or AMD? , That is what we will talk about in this article so keep in mind to think well and decide what exactly you want from technologies.


Mini pc beelink sei8 full specs

When you buy pc like Mini pc beelink sei8 you will be surprised because its size that does not exceeding hand grip , imagine that with me you will get a performance you may not find it in Business pc’s from any brand!!.

One of things which grants sei8 high and good rate on any shops is the processor , Intel i5 gives you complicated and multiple processing because it has 4 cores with 8 threads , In addition of that the speed of this CPU it can reaches up to 4.1 GHz which allow you to play and process bulk of operations.

Regarding of RAM you will get 16 GB with DDR4 tech and it is good Idea to play heavy games on your huge screen because this pc will save you a lot of money with it’s performance.

As a considered mini pc beelink sei8 is only for quick and practical use , it is an good Idea to try it using NVMe technology which is still not supported on many enemours number of pc’c , keep in mind to try it and save your data with 20x time of speed comparing with even traditional SSD SATA.

There are nothing to describes mini pc beelink sei8 with better way , I make an efforts by using my bad english to describe it but I hope to provide you these information without any mistake.

As we mentioned previously this pc is not designed for games or designing but it has ability to do that because it has all specs that available on professional pc’c , and when I tell you i5 8279 I am talking about 14nm with only 28W with $320 just if you decided to buy it seperately.

But by having it in pc like Mini pc beelink sei8 you will get this CPU shared with other parts of good and logically price , No to mention Cache memory for these CPU’s which can limits to 6 MB even with turbo boost.

These types of pc’c are not used for gaming but you can do such thing also because you will have Intel Iris 655 GPU series which is considered as a new GPU’s integrated with inernal Intel Architecture.

mini pc beelink sei8

mini pc beelink sei8 is one of pc’c which provided to help business people with conference meetings and other purposes , and this pc contains heavy performance for an other using such watching films and movies , depend on internet as aternatives of TV’s and more.



So what we will get through unboxing is more accessories and extras that you may or defenitly will use it for this pc , you will notice that Mini pc beelink sei8 is on the surface when you take a look for box , hold and place it a way and you will notice user manual inside you can reading how to use but generally you will not need it because it is just an pc.

it is preferred to read instruction book . you will see many of cables inside firstable you will see HDMI cable that you will need it for linking with screens , keep in mind that you may need to mount it on the wall to keep it save from dropping down and you will find screws with mount panel for this purpose.

You will see two cables for HDMI connection but there is not Display port cable because this pc doesn’t support any of them , you will also find transformer DC & AC to connect cable to the power.

You will see also extra adapter once you decided to plug new Storage device inside mini pc beelink sei8 , and let’s talk about what cann we found in front and rear of this device.

In the front od this device you will see Red Power button on the right and headphone jack for connection and c type micro USB and two USB 3.0 ports once you decided to plug external devices.

From the rear you will find LAN port with 1000 Mbps and Two ports for USB 3.0 and two HDMI Cables and finally DC port for Cable power , please keep in mind not to connect any other DC power to avoid any future mistakes.

mini pc beelink sei8 has great and small design with only 4.88 inches which is smaller than height of your mobile device , Great and amazing design with black and other degrees of dark blue.



  • Free Windows 10 are included.
  • 8th Generation of Intel core series.
  • Great and dorrable design.


  • No free Keyboard or mouse included in offer.
  • No display ports.



  • It is good Idea to try defferent way by using pc’s and varient tech tools , Intel and AMD together always provides for you good and alternatives options.
  • You are talking about intel timeline which is very important for people who is looking for quality and fresh products.

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