minisforum ryzen : UM250 full specs BEST REVIEW

It was a strange thing that a computer like the minisforum ryzen was built with good to excellent specifications compared to its small size that can be placed anywhere and the UM250 is a small desktop computer that is specifically designed to be paired with large displays.

In the world of technology, everything is allowed by manufacturers, provided that it maintains the production context or presents a new idea. The idea of ​​minisforum ryzen was one of the old recognized ideas, in which many plastic surgeries were performed on its components to become in this super and surprising form.

And because we are talking in this article about a computer that was manufactured with the new Ryzen processor, this article will really appeal to you if you are a fan of Ryzen devices. superhero , In my opinion, these processors are among the most famous processors for graphics and display data processing with high accuracy, and this is one of the reasons that prompted me to talk about such a dwarf computer with extraordinary specifications.

If you do not know much about AMD, then some of the articles will cover your interests well about computers of all kinds.


Mini PC AMD Ryzen , radeon vega 8 VGA

If you want to have a small computer that is able to run heavy programs that only professional computers are good at, then the UM250 will fulfill those wishes because it contains very powerful specifications with smaller and higher efficiency parts to amaze you with all its multiple capabilities that are suitable for many users.

When you open the box of this small and highly advanced computer, you will find inside it some attachments, which are VESA Compatible mount, where you will be able to hang it on a wall next to the monitor that you will install on it, and perhaps you can also stick it on the screen from the back if you have enough space for that.

One of the pieces that you will find inside the minisforum ryzen case is the very small keyboard, which barely reaches 7 inches, and it is wireless with Bluetooth technology. This keyboard is a must-use because you are still using a computer, but with great specifications and small size!.

The keyboard works via the USB port from the bottom that allows you to connect a Bluetooth piece that works synchronously with the use of the computer and has a good range of use, allowing you to work on a screen that is a few meters away from you, which is a good technology from minisforum ryzen.

As for the wires that you will find as accessories, they are the Power cable for this small computer with a size of up to a meter and a half, and an HDMI cable of up to half a meter in length only to be connected to your display from the back or from the side, whatever ports it is connected and whatever type!!.

minisforum ryzen

The minisforum ryzen computer is one of the home computers released by COOFUN, and it is characterized by its powerful specifications that you can only discover on your own when you try it, as it provides you with double performance for all your daily needs, and it is suitable for working in many purposes, including home, office or even broadcasting official conferences .


If your screen does not have an HDMI cable, the minisforum ryzen also provided you with a Display port cable. Although I do not like this type of cable due to the lack of availability in displays, but you may need it someday.

As for the dedicated USB ports, you will get a short Type-a cable, which is what you will need when charging the wireless keyboard that we talked about earlier.

Speaking of the external minisforum ryzen ports, all you will find from the outside is the computer power button, the Headphone port, the first and second generation USB3 ports, as well as the Type-c port, which will provide you with a unique experience due to the bandwidth of up to 10GB.

It is not over yet. We also have many ports on the back of this computer, and perhaps that will amaze you because it also contains USB3.0 ports, one HDMI and one Display port, as well as two W-LAN connection ports, in addition to a port to connect the power cable that we talked about earlier .

The minisforum ryzen computer has provided a rich experience for users who love luxury in their home, enabling them to use all the advantages of a computer spare in a small device that is kicked aside and forgotten for a long time and is returned only in case of maintenance only.

Which means a permanently working computer that lasts for many years without occupying a space or place in your home and with very high specifications on a large display that may enable you to run the latest graphics and high-resolution display tools on it.

But if you want to open the cover and see this computer from the inside, be careful of this because of the size of the small electronic pieces inside, where the first thing you find is a spare SATA cable from the outside in case you want to install an additional hard disk SSD.

As for the memory, you will find inside two ports for random memory with DDR4 technology, and on the opposite side you will find the cooling fan of the processor and the cooling diffusers, but be careful again when you mount the cover to preserve it from sudden breakage.



  • Heavy performance.
  • Nice and smooth WIFI keyboard.


  • Doesn’t contain mouse.
  • Small size, can be dropped or broken for bad users.



  • Getting a computer that lasts for a long time is not an easy thing, and I mean to get a computer that keeps pace with the developments of the times and is upgradable. Minisforum Ryzen has provided you with the possibility of upgrading the computer in case you do not want to rely on the specifications of the parent company,
  • Microcomputers are one of the best industries that have shortened many expensive add-ons, as they are provided in a small box that helps you do your most difficult tasks without complaining about slow internet or video speed, and the reason for this is the high specifications of minisforum ryzen.

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