html table : HTML for beginners

Beautiful tags have been customized in the HTML language to form and build tables, and building html table that helps us to organize information and present it briefly and concisely. Some information does not serve the purpose unless we put it in a well-formatted table.   1. Definition of HTML table <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> […]

html text : HTML for beginners

html text is One of the properties of texts is that we can change their shapes and formulas according to what we want. If we assume that we are creating mathematical equations and we need small parentheses, for example, or the power or other concepts, we will use those features, and the HTML language provided […]

html lists : HTML for beginners

html lists  this term is called the lists inside the HTML tags and is expressed with a constant tag ol , giving it the sequence or order formula to appear when the list is displayed on our web page.   unordered list : In Arabic, an unordered list works in the same way as its […]

html style : Lesson8 HTML for beginners

 Html style We try as much as possible not to integrate any other languages ​​into the HTML course but due to the complementarity of web development work and the use of many other assistive languages, we will look at including the HTML tag along with some CSS improvements which will be explained in a dedicated […]

html image : Lesson6 HTML for beginners

HTML image It is the image that is included in the HTML page, which is inside the <img> tag. In all cases, the images give an aesthetic to our page on the web, as including them inside the page leads to more user interaction.   1. Definition <img src = “url” alt=”alternative text”> Where the […]

html comments : Lesson5 HTML for beginners

HTML comments Due to the large number of tags found in web pages, where there are HTML pages that can contain hundreds or even thousands of lines sometimes, and that other languages ​​are usually combined with them, there was a need to use comments between tags, which are useful in explaining the mechanism of the […]

html head: Lesson4 HTML for beginners

HTML head We will clarify the head tags that were mentioned in previous lessons without explaining them sufficiently, as we know that HTML needs header tags in its pages to install the page title and meta tag, which are the keywords for the content when we publish our HTML page to visitors.   The head […]

html anchor : Lesson3 HTML for beginners

Html anchor Anchor: These are the tags in which other web links are placed in the HTML page, which enables the visitor to go to another site or to another page in the same site and called it the anchor.   1.Definition <a href=”URL” >Link Name</a> Where the <a></a> tag indicates that it contains a […]

html paragraph : Lesson2 HTML for beginners

Html paragraph Headings h1 html: When we write content within html, we will discuss the use of different tags to distinguish the lines and sentences of our article, for example, the title must contain broad and wide lines to distinguish it from the rest of the words in the paragraphs, and this is what we […]