win11 pro : full history since 1975

win11 pro : what is new?

I am happy to provide this content about win11 pro or any other version of the same version and maybe I became excited to mention the most important advantages of the operating system that all developers and users are accustomed to, It has been overridden in this version of Windows.

Many of us honestly still suffer from Windows 10 problems that have hindered our use greatly and I don’t blame Microsoft too much because it strives to develop its core because the competitors are getting more difficult but I blame some computer hardware manufacturers that did not provide enough features for Windows 10 to work properly Good.

In all honesty I will mention the problems of Windows 10 and what are the improvements in the win11 pro system which we hope that no previous problems will appear in it , In this article I will present some of the titles that I want to talk about which is:

  • History of windows.
  • Why should you leave win10?.
  • Improvements of win11 pro.


History of windows

The kernel is the abbreviated and complex code at the same time in addition It is the closest thing to the computer and a set of code and commands that are available in the operating system that enables the user to use the equipment in his computer and interact with it also It is often a software environment that we cannot see directly but we influence it as users.

And if we go back a little to the history of 1975 the engineers Bill Gates and Paul Allen worked on a programming language called BASIC and it worked on the Altair 8800 devices as this computer at that time was modern and has strong features.

The first compiler was launched by Bill Gates and Paul Allen called Altair Basic and was built in low-level programming languages, These engineers were limited to the Basic programming language and the primary drivers which made them develop this kernel and make improvements to it in the eighties.

Microsoft released a soft card in 1980, which was a permission enabling users to use the CPM operating system an operating system that runs on Apple devices.

Microsoft introduced the DOS command interface in 1981 which is the black screen that everyone knows This interface enables users to access the Windows kernel through software commands which made it a successful alternative in the event that some commands could not be accessed through graphical interfaces as reliance on DOS was great at that time.

Microsoft has achieved giant sales of the DOS system, and the value of their profits amounted to 90 million dollars due to the success of this kernel in the markets and even in the new technical world.

No to mention that Office Word system was attached to the DOS kernel as the first text editing system that works on Microsoft systems and that was a real reason for the success of Microsoft’s systems and control of the markets.

In 1985 Microsoft produced the first graphical operating system Windows 1.0, and it was classified as the first operating system to support the graphical interface of the Windows kernel and The purpose of that update was to make it easier for users of the operating system as a kind of promotion for the Windows kernel whose software complexities began to appear Windows 1.0 was primarily a mouse-based operating system which was a new idea at the time which annoyed many users but there is no doubt that it was modern and ahead of its time.

A few years later, Windows 3.0 was released in 1990, and it had icons and graphical systems that are still under development at the present time in versions of Windows 10 and even the new Win11 Pro , Windows 3.0 was a new paradigm shift in Microsoft, and it had a completely different look from the previous one, In fact this is the Microsoft that we know since ancient times the Control Panel interface and the desktop icon, creating folders and naming them on the hard drive, where that was an invaluable pleasure for everyone Saw these versions of Windows.


Why should you leave win10?

I do not encourage anyone to leave Windows 10 but Microsoft encourages you to do so in the list of updates and in the same matter I am tired of some issues and problems with Windows 10 which I hope you will not find in win11 pro.

There are reasons that prompted me to leave windows 10 without being aware of the fact that win11 pro is well and the reasons are:

  • Problems when joining the domain.
  • Problems with start menu and very severe start up while opening accounts.
  • Additions and features that you will not use and have no need.

These were the most prominent problems that users encountered when dealing with Windows 10 but the rest of the things were good, such as device drivers and drive files and also dealing with SSD cards was very compatible.

I may have encountered many problems while working on Join to domain for most devices and that was because of the Local Admin in Windows 10, and I have not found any solutions so far with intense searches through Microsoft sites.


Improvements of win11 pro

There is no doubt that there are many improvements that got to win11 pro and in terms of Start Menu, it was placed in the middle at the bottom of the screen and perhaps this is a new idea that was not in Windows before.

Many sub-tasks have been canceled from the Setting menu which has made access to Control Panel very easy as in old systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7 and in terms of playing games win11 pro may not prove its worth and in my opinion the reason for this is the lack of new versions of processors or boards Processing which some revisions will begin to show in 2022.

Some improvements have been made on the desktop and it is possible to put an animated wallpaper and this was not available in the old versions of Windows, As for the code for the Windows kernel some tasks that drain the processor power may have been reduced and because Microsoft is a locked code I could not find clear data in this matter.

There are also major updates that have been made to win11 pro which you will find a noticeable difference in its use from previous versions and it can be shortened to:

  • Different graphics and completely new in terms of design.
  • High compatibility with Android and Apple products.
  • Easy accessing widget.
  • Customize desktop.
  • New style of taskbar.
  • Security enhancement.

From a short experience the win11 pro version will probably be much better than the windows 10 version and this will lead to a continuous development by Microsoft on some features, I hope that no updates will be made that add features that are useless as happened in previous versions of Windows 10.

You can see the article from Microsoft about the additional features and advantages obtained by win11 pro.

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